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Miami artist Maurizio Martinoli says hello (featuring video of Levi Poulter works)


Today, artist Maurizio Martinoli, known as Mamo, introduces himself.

“I am an Italian artist living in Miami and here is my website: www.mamoart.com,” Martinoli says.

Here’s a short video featuring Martinoli’s art of model Levi Poulter.

I have known Levi Poulter for a while, he is a lovely person, always polite, down to earth, kind and pleasant to deal with, besides bearing an obvious beauty. I had to take time to observe him before shooting, in order to get beyond his appearance, to attempt to reveal his inner being... He is also easy to work with, being a professional model, as he knows how to just " be" and not pose, in front of a lens, thank you Levi!

I have put together a bunch of pieces, between photographs, manipulated photos and artwork, that I have made of him or inspired by him in the past years....

This is the draft, I welcome your feedback, thanks, and Ciao, Mamo



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