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Video | Another bullied gay boy dies; Seth Walsh, 13, hanged himself from a backyard tree

Seth Walsh, 13, died Tuesday, nine days after he hanged himself from a tree in his backyard, reports KGET.com in Bakersfield, Calif.

Tehachapi police investigators interviewed some of the young people who taunted Seth the day he hanged himself and determined despite the tragic outcome of their ridicule, their actions do not constitute a crime.

Seth’s best friend, Jamie Elaine Phillips, created a YouTube video for him while he was in the hospital, praying that he would recover. He died Tuesday after being on life support for more than a week.

Last week, Asher Brown, another 13-year-old bullied gay boy, shot himself to death in Texas.


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This breaks my heart beyond belief. I pray for his family...

So sad... Parents should make sure to let their children know that it's OK to be gay. There have been very successful homosexuals in history and a child needs to know this. When I say parents, I also mean parents of heterosexual children!

sad sad sad

I would never bring a human child or animal up in the state of Florida. Sorry way to redneck. This boy did not deserve to die, I would like to hang the little ba*tards whho never learned how to treat people.


hey lex why don't you read the facts. I know fla is not the greatest but neither of this incidents occured in fla. it happend in CA and TX. btw it's implied that a child is a human being (kind of like a puppy is a dog), no need to call it a "human child"

I wouldn't be so quick to blame "rednecks," either. Both of these incidents occurred in towns with very large Latino populations. I remember living as a pre-op TS in So Cal, and my biggest fear was the Mexican and Central American gang-bangers.

This is a shame. This boy was too young to be sexually active in the first place, and way too young to be practicing sexual perversions. Where were his parents in all this? This is a byproduct of our permissive and immoral society. This should have never happened to this child.

This is nothing new. Kids are being bullied by bullies in school and historically, the School Board or the local schools have not done a thing to prevent it. When are the legislators going to enact a law that makes it a felony to bully another student in school?
Schools today are only concerned in cosmetics..Looking good in state level testings, or hiding under a carpet their dirty laundry. There is no more corrupt govermental system than the school board.
To them, there are no complaints, only, "concerns." Parents of children that are tormented by others have no alternative but to move the child to a different /private school or take action into their own hands as the father of that mentally handicapped child did inside one of the school buses in the city he lives in.
Of course, the Father was arrested and the bully kept on with his / her daily life.
And then, we wonder why this kid hung himself, why others skip schools and why so many join gangs? To look for solace and consolation and protection for their daily torments their school life has become.
Perhaps we need an administrator less concerned with his own metrosexual appeareance and more concerned with the welfare of the children we, the tax payers and parents, entrust him with....FRANK P

Certainly a problem of bad parenting. Bullies serve a purpose to weed out the weak. Good parents teach their children to stand up to bullies or they will face the consequences. It also appears that the parents were allowing this child to get into perverted activities which good parents would stop from happening.

Wow, what can you say about this. I don't think that the boy should have been teased because he was gay. In fact, I pity him. I wish that there had been someone telling him that he was a man and not something less than that. He was born a man and that should have been reinforced along with counselling. I hope those boys that Edie Long bothered will get the counselling needed so that they won't end up like this boy. My regrets to his parents.

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