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SAVE Dade Action PAC announces its 2010 General Election endorsements

News release from SAVE Dade:

2010 Gen Elect Endorsements

SAVE Dade and SAVE Dade Action PAC endorses Meek, Sink, Gelber, Flinn for November 2 Elections

SAVE Dade prioritizes 15 races important to Florida's push for equality

Miami, October, 12, 2010 - With only a few weeks remaining until the November 2 General Election and after a comprehensive endorsement process, the SAVE Dade and the SAVE Dade Action PAC are proud to make the following endorsements:

United States Senate and House of Representatives:

  • Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate for his longtime support of equal rights for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. His previous voting record has been positive on all of SAVE Dade's issues, and we strongly believe that a vote for Kendrick Meek will put an LGBT ally andvocal home-town supporter in office in Washington.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz for U.S. House of Representatives District 20. Wasserman Schultz has been a long-time ally and supporter of LGBT issues and will continue to push for equality as the Vice-Chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus .
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for U.S. House of Representatives Distinct 18. Ros-Lehtinen, recipient of SAVE Dade's Champions of Equality award, has long stood in the corner of LGBT rights. She is the only Republican member of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus.
  • Joe Garcia for U.S House of Representatives District 25. A longtime advocate of our mission and values who has responded to our questions with 100% support, Joe will, we believe, serve as an upstanding proponent as one of Miami-Dade's delegates in Washington.

Florida Cabinet:

  • Alex Sink for Governor for her pro-equality positions, and generally progressive stance on all issues. Alex Sink is opposed by a vehemently anti-equality candidate.
  • Dan Gelber for Attorney General. Based on his lengthy civil rights experience in the judicial system and his very long-tem support of LGBT causes, we believe that Dan Gelber will be a most resourceful Attorney General in terms of both LGBT and local South Florida issues.
  • Loranne Ausley for CFO. Not only is Loranne a champion for our cause, she believes in full equality including marriage equality. As the CFO she will have a hand in the nondiscrimination policies of financial institutions in the state.
  • Scott Maddox  for Commissioner of Agriculture. As the supervisor of consumer protections, he has the ability to add discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of reasons why a consumer may complain about a company, and he is 100% pro-equality.

Florida Senate and House of Representatives:

  • Gwen Margolis for State Senate District 35. Margolis was a strong supporter of the LGBT cause decades before it became a popular issue, and remains a staunch ally. She was instrumental in promoting gay and lesbian inclusion in the county Human Rights Ordinance. Her years of community activism and service provide her with a knowledge base that will be invaluable in Tallahassee, where, we believe, she will be an outstanding advocate for equality.
  • Les Gerson for State Senate District 38 for his support of LGBT issues. Les Gerson's opponent is anti-equality and has declined several opportunities to discuss pro-equality issues.
  • Luis Garcia for House of Representatives District 107. A long-time supporter during his tenure as a Miami Beach commissioner, Garcia has also been a recipient of SAVE Dade's Champion of Equality award.
  • Sandra Ruiz for House of Representatives District 112. While Ruiz did not actively solicit SAVE Dade's endorsement, her opponent's stand on our issues could be extremely detrimental.
  • Millie Herrera for House of Representatives District 114. Based on her promises of fairness and equality and her 100% support for our issues, we endorse Millie Herrera as a firm defender for our cause in Tallahassee.

Miami-Dade County Commission:

  • Eugene Flinn for Miami-Dade County Commission District 8. Not only is Flinn a strong supporter of LGBT issues, but his opponent's views could be considered toxic. His opponent can turn back the time on many of our pro-equality victories.

SAVE Dade urges all members of the Miami-Dade community to vote on November 2 or during early voting times to make their voices heard locally, in Tallahassee and in Washington.


About Safeguarding American Values for Everyone (SAVE Dade)

SAVE Dade’s mission is to promote, protect and defend equality for people in Miami-Dade County who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Established in 1993, SAVE Dade accomplishes this mission through education initiatives, outreach, grassroots organizing, and advocacy.  Starting with the landmark passage of Miami's Human Rights Ordinance in 1998 to recent enactments of domestic partner benefit policies, SAVE continues to lead the fight for LGBT equality in Miami-Dade County through grassroots action focused on civil rights, parental rights, and relationship recognition through political advocacy, community outreach, candidate endorsements.


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