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SAVE Dade's 'Equality Express' offers free drinks and perks to educate and motivate voters

News release from SAVE Dade:

logo (Miami) October 18, 2010: -- Follow an RV around town to get free perks -- or vote and get a free drink. These are two of the initiatives that the LGBT pro-equality foundation SAVE Dade is implementing to get voters engaged for the November 2, 2010 election.

The campaign, called Vote. Fight. Win, is designed to create increased voter turnout through online and offline grassroots “get out the vote” efforts. The final goal is to get 5,000 people to sign a pledge to vote for SAVE Dade’s endorsed pro-equality candidates.

“The point of all of this is to wake the sleeping giant, the LGBT community, and get them to the polls so our voice will matter to our elected officials. Our strategy is to motivate and educate the community about the importance of this election. This election matters -- and it’s up to us to tell our community why,” says CJ Ortuño, Executive Director of SAVE Dade.

The EQRV or “Equality Express” is a 26 foot motor home wrapped with SAVE Dade’s pro-equality message. David Valk, SAVE Dade field organizer, will take the EQRV on tour throughout the County to educate the community and invite them to sign the pledge.

Through partnerships with local businesses, SAVE Dade will ask people to follow the EQRV and sign the pledge to receive special promotions and discounts at gyms, clothing stores, bars, restaurants and more.

The “I Voted Today” sticker, given to individuals who have voted, can be turned in at participating bars, including MOVA, Twist, and Score in South Beach, to receive a free drink.

SAVE Dade will also run a promotional video called “VOTE?” on YouTube, Facebook and its website. “The key message is to paint the picture of what could happen if you don’t vote,” explains Ortuño.

“We are trying to get the vote out. LGBT people need to come together as a powerful voting block. These elections matter and it matters most for gay and transgender people because it is lawmakers who make important decisions on their rights”, he concludes.

To learn more about the pro-equality candidates endorsed by SAVE Dade, visit www.savedade.org and click on the “Elections & Endorsements” link from the home page menu. To sign the pledge and support SAVE Dade on the humanitarian cause, visit http://bit.ly/aaPTod. Also visit the VOTE.FIGHT.WIN.NOW campaign on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SAVEDade.


SAVE Dade was founded in 1993 in order to promote, protect, and defend equality for gay and transgender people. It continues to fight for the equal rights of all Floridians by affecting the political process through lobbying, organizing, and coalition-building. This year alone it has passed five pro-equality ordinances; changed the practices towards people who are LGBT at Jackson Health Systems; and identified 5,000 pro-equality supporters in Miami-Dade County.


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