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HOBS, Helping Our Brothers and Sisters, supports gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny, now age 85


From HOBS, Helping Our Brothers and Sisters:

Frank Kameny's name is synonymous with the gay rights movement and his fame is second only to Harvey Milk. His papers are on display in the Smithsonian and he has been honored by President Obama as a "civil rights pioneer." Every day you and I live lives that are made better because of Frank Kameny. At very least, each of us can agree that we would gladly buy the man a drink.

While Mr. Kameny (85 years old) lives very simply at his modest home in Washington DC, he has struggled to make ends meet on his slim pension. Also, while his mind is sharp he has difficulty managing his finances. To be brief, one of our greatest heroes needs help. For the price of a nice cocktail ($10) you can toast Frank and thank him for all he has done for us. He has fought for us his entire life. It's our turn to repay the favor.

About HOBS:


    HOBS is an all-volunteer micro-charity that helps marginalized GLBT individuals in the Washington D.C. area meet short-term needs. HOBS's focus is on those who do not fit the criteria for help from other organizations or agencies.

    A sizeable portion of our work involves discrimination cases, many involving torture and asylum.


    HOBS began as a small group of donors seeking a personal dimension to their giving. Instead of donating to a large organization and hoping for the best, HOBS donors are notified of projects in detail and know exactly how their money is spent and who will benefit from their donations.

    HOBS donors find satisfaction in helping specific individuals achieve independence, self-sufficiency, and a restoration of hope.


    This is the typical HOBS process:

  • HOBS is contacted by local service organizations who have LGBT clients with special needs that are not easily met by local social service infrastructure.
  • HOBS cases are vetted to insure their legitimacy.
  • HOBS seeks funding for the project from its donor list.
  • HOBS distributes funding directly to the vendor which provides the goods/services needed by the HOBS client. Some funding is given directly to the HOBS client in certain circumstances.


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