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'God still hates fags!' - Anti-gay Westboro Baptist church praises God for Supreme Court ruling

News release from Westboro Baptist Church, upon Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling that the First Amendment protects antigay protests outside military funerals:



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The WBC and Phelps family were here in Key West last year, across the street from the High School. As a community, we came together and decided to ignore them. What more, it gave the school the opportunity to discuss freedom-of-speech-as-a-right, the value of diversity, and mental illness.

It is clear that the Phelps group attracts, encourages, and suffers from mental illness.

Here in Key West, one sole member of the group regularly stands alone with big signs that say hateful and hurtful things. This person is known in this community as a "formerly" gay person. Anyone who "was" gay and now feels obligated to stand and suffer the vitriol and anger that is directed their way is clearly, sadly, mentally unwell.

Once, I had the opportunity to stand next to this person while holding a sign that read "ONE HUMAN FAMILY (Yes, even this guy.)" I watched as people spiit and cursed at him and his message. He was clearly looking for a person to tag with assault and sue. Nonetheless, I pitied him. It was sad to watch, as the worst suffering he has is the hate within. I would give a great deal to have this person lifted of that burden.

That said, it is important we do respond to this sort of presence. Meeting them with clown costumes or people in bunny costumes, singing nuns, happiness and joy and love in the face of their wrath instantly diminishes their message and emotional charge.

Rather than direct hate or anger at a clearly sick person, meet them with humor and unified displays of love. Not contentiously but with pride and joy. Nearly instantly, they wither and fade. We have seen it time and time again here in Key West.

Jehovah's Witnesses pursued court decisions to get in your face at the door steps,these same actions uphold rights of infamous hate church.
Danny Haszard http://www.dannyhaszard.com
my page more on Jehovah's Witnesses harassment

God doesn't hate anyone...We are all "beautifully and wonderfully made" and God loves us all!

Why is the Miami herald proclaiming what this "Church" says and spreading it even more?! The last thing I need to see are more slurs against me in public media, let alone from a newspaper. Why don't you put swears and racial slurs in the headlines, too, you low-life, disrespectful losers?

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