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Mayoral candidate Julio Robaina tells SAVE Dade he supports some domestic-partner rights, signs 'Marriage Protection Pledge' against

Sunday and Monday I received voter guides from the Christian Family Coalition and SAVE Dade.

The Christian Family Coalition mailing says Miami-Dade Mayoral candidate Julio Robaina signed a "Marriage Protection Pledge" that "defends marriage as one man, one woman, and will not support 'civil unions' and/or 'domestic partnerships.'

According to SAVE Dade Executive Director C.J. Ortuño, Robaina responded to a questionnaire regarding support of basic domestic-partner rights and formation of a statewide domestic-partner registry:

"I support and believe that it is right for there to be a register of domestic partner relationship with the county to provide visitation rights and basic rights to domestic partners. I would support a measure at the state level that recognizes visitation rights and other basic rights. As to health care coverage, I would need additional information regarding its fiscal impact."

Opponent Carlos Gimenez tells SAVE Dade he supports domestic partnerships. Marcelo Llorente says he's undecided on the issue. Gimenez and Llorente declined to respond on domestic partnerships to the Christian Family Coalition.


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It is great that Robaina supports domestic-partner rights. I also like the petition to repeal the Alvarez Property Tax Hike and cutting the wasteful spending for Miami-Dade government, this is what we need.

Check Julio's pledge and commitments to the residents of Miami-Dade. Plus, he supports some domestic-partner rights.


Mr. Robaina, what have you done in Hialeah?
What is going on with the parks, libraries, recreational centers, and police depts. in Hialeah? Did you know that the police stations in Hialeah are the only ones in the whole county and in the whole Florida to close at 5:00PM. Hialeah residents can't even go to the police dept. after 5:00 PM. This is why the Hialeah residents are constantly calling 911; and if by any chance they do go to the police station when they are closed, they have to use the phone that is located outside the police dept. next to the main entrance. This cannot be happening.
What time are they closing the libraries? What is happening to the libraries throughout weekend?
Mr. Robaina, why haven't you shown the $ budget? Where is all that money?
Why Julio Robaina is spending the money from the Water Dept. Reserve? It was $60,000.000.00 in the reserve, we are talking (6 digits). Where is all that money?

I'm sure there is an explanation and spending details for the water department reserve money and the budget. Again, I think there is always things to improve and to change, in this case, I think we should re-consider the police stations issue. On the other hand, Robaina's campaign demonstrated its' focus on the Miami-Dade community and the problems we are facing after mayor Alvarez.

Robaina's marriage protection pledge, as in...I will hire my mistress at an inflated salary to promote events for the city, then put her unqualified daughter , who did not even live in the city, in as councilwoman, and then promote the daughter's unqualified husband to the rank of commander in the police dept...all the while hiding behind his wife's skirts, saying that she was responsible for the financial dealings. Yeah, that's some marriage pledge in action.
Loan sharking, usury, racketeering, illegal gambling machine enterprise, obstruction of justice, failure to pay real estate tax on shopping center,
illegal hiring, firing and promotions, conflict of interest in developing on city or HHA property, among other crimes. Tired of the same ol' crooks in county hall. DON'T ELECT NEW CROOKS.

Robaina, flip flopping LOL what's new!

Proved leadership, ethics and transparency for Miami-Dade county mayor. I think this is another good reason to vote for Robaina. We need someone that works with the community and works to find solutions to the real problems citizens face everyday. Endorsed by J. Bush and Diaz-Balart, his commitments and his pledge, things I like about this candidate.

I agree on that one Arthur. Robaina seems to be truly working the real needs of the County!

Missing from your posting Steve: how does Robaina explain his seemingly inconsistent answers on these two forms? I kept reading, hoping for a statement from him or your advice that he didn't return a call.

I am sure that is a source of explanation and water sector expenditure and budget details. I think this is another good reason to vote Robaina.

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