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Operation Shine America to spotlight homeless youth with May 14 rallies across the United States

Here's a news release from Corey Bernstein, GSA president of The Hudson School in Hoboken, N.J.,, who last week accepts the Best GSA Exhibit Award at Equality Forum:

Operation Shine Spotlights Homeless Youth in America

In shelters across our state, in doorways, in abandoned buildings, makeshift camps and squats, homeless youth try to find a safe place to sleep at night. For hundreds of homeless youth in New Jersey, safety does not come easy and sometimes not at all.

Operation Shine America (OSA) - a national advocacy, education, and outreach organization celebrating the courage and authenticity of homeless youth in America - is sponsoring National SHINE Night May 14, 2011 with rallies across America. The theme of the national event is, “SHINE with whatever you got!”

In over 25 cities nationwide, there will be events that spotlight homeless youth. Youth activists in NJ are participating by organizing a Shine event on May 14, from 7pm to 9pm, at Brower Commons on Rutgers University New Brunswick. This event, open to the public, will spotlight the plight and strength of homeless youth, and give the community an opportunity to hear their courageous and empowering stories. Other speakers and artists are also slated for the evening. The event will conclude in candlelight to help light up America. All information can be found on the event’s Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/ShineNJ or by calling 862-234-5428.

“In one of the richest countries in the world, it is unacceptable for homeless youth to have to endure the intense discrimination and dehumanization they experience everyday!” according to Chloe Noble, founder and director of OSA. “Homeless youth are a integral part of our community. We are demanding that they be treated with dignity. The courage and authenticity of homeless youth deserve to be honored and celebrated.”

Homeless youth often endure harassment, discrimination, assault, lack of access to basic resources, and more. Core causes of youth homelessness include poverty, a break down in our systems of care, racism, homophobia, residential instability, and violence and neglect in the home.

Sine Night NJ is being sponsored by the Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity and Center for Social Justice Education & LGBT Communities at Rutgers University.

“With creativity and endless energy Operation Shine America is forcing America to open up their doors for our young. They are simply amazing in their use of limited resources to create change,” says author, political strategist, and civil rights activist David Mixner.


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