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Christian Family Coalition to Miami-Dade mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez: Don't accept SAVE Dade endorsement

Earlier this week, the Christian Family Coalition issued a public statement advising Miami-Dade Mayoral Carlos Gimenez not to accept an endorsement from SAVE Dade -- if the gay-rights group does endorse him.

Today, SAVE Dade responded to the Christian Family Coalition, saying the group's "misguided attacks are a major disservice to the residents of Miami-Dade."

Here are the two complete statements:

Christian Family Coalition

MIAMI, FL -Today, the Christian Family Coalition, Florida's largest human rights and social justice advocacy organization, called on mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez to decline the upcoming endorsement of “SAVE” Dade, an extremist, homosexualist anti-marriage group operating somewhere in the Miami-Dade County area.

"By an overwhelming 58%, in November 2008 Miami-Dade voters approved Amendment 2 constitutionally defining civil marriage, and all of its benefits, as the union of one man and one woman. This extremist, homosexualist anti-marriage group not only attacked the passage of this common-sense amendment, it also conspired to deny the people of Miami-Dade County their right to vote on this issue," stated Christian Family Coalition spokesman Peter Hernandez.

If elected Miami-Dade mayor, Carlos Gimenez must represent all the county's residents and should not be beholden to a homosexualist anti-marriage group that conspired to deny Miami-Dade voters their democratic right to vote on this fundamental issue. It is only fair that Gimenez decline this extremist group’s endorsement.


(Miami) June 2, 2011— In response to the continued mudslinging and outrageous attacks by the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), SAVE Dade’s Executive Director, CJ Ortuno, issued the following statement:

"The Christian Family Coalition's misguided attacks are a major disservice to the residents of Miami-Dade. The focus of this election must be on who will move our community forward. This is not about a single organization or issue, but a collective effort to put the people of this community above politics. Unlike CFC, SAVE Dade sees the Mayoral election as an opportunity to achieve new growth and opportunities for Miami-Dade residents.

"With a national buying power north of $743 billion, the GLBT community, along with its allies and friends, are committed to helping the next Mayor of Miami-Dade re-energize our local economy and deliver significant job and tourism growth. This is why SAVE Dade is excited to be a part of this important election.”


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