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Family Research Council: 'Dawn we now our gay imperil'

Email from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council:

Family Research Council

With the economy tanking and joblessness rising, you'd think the Obama administration would put their creative powers into jumpstarting the economy or at least figuring out how to stop choking it. Instead the President's team is pouring their energy and our resources into redecorating the nation in rainbow colors. Considering misplaced priorities of this White House, every month feels like "gay pride month." But this year, President Obama is taking its social activism to new heights--as in, above the Federal Reserve. Apparently, the administration's proclamation in support of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender pride triggered a series of parties and other events at taxpayer expense. America's central bank interpreted the President's declaration as an excuse to fly the rainbow flag above its building in Richmond, Virginia. On the same pole as Old Glory, the Feds are celebrating a behavior that Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Va.) says is "still a class six felony in Virginia."

As Richmond's paper points out, the flag isn't the only thing that's been raised--so have objections. But despite the flood of complaints, bank managers refuse to bend. A spokesman for the bank said, "The flag is an example of our bank's commitment to diversity." The colors were reportedly flown at the request of an LGBT employee. I guess we'll see how supportive of diversity the bank really is when Christian Heritage Week rolls around next March in Virginia. Can we expect to see the Christian flag flying at the Fed? Here in D.C., the Obama administration isn't just pledging its allegiance to the rainbow flag, it's pledging countless taxpayer dollars too. This is just a snapshot of the indoctrination taking place in the halls of power.

  • Earlier this month, the White House unveiled the first-ever webpage, www.whitehouse.gov/lgbt, devoted exclusively to the LGBT community. Complete with federally-funded videos, a special blog, and political resources, it's one-stop pandering for liberals.
  • In partnership with Dan Savage (a bitter homosexual, who built a career on vile hatred toward Christians), President Obama, the First Lady, Vice President, and dozens of White House staffers also posted "It Gets Better" videos on the new site, which should give Americans a glimpse of just how many homosexual activists are entrenched on the Obama team. The campaign, which has been labeled an anti-bullying initiative, is actually a cultural assault on free speech.
  • Yesterday, Health and Human Services (HHS), which should know the risks of homosexual behavior better than anyone, announced a "Cultural Competency Training" (read: indoctrination) about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender "identity" for federal workers.
  • Also in HHS, David Hansell, who runs the Administration for Children and Families, admitted at Tuesday's Youth Summit that the Obama administration is now actively "recruiting LGBT parents" to adopt children. (CNSNews.com uncovered the speech, which was so secretive that the Department of Education barred reporters from attending.)
  • In spite of the Defense of Marriage Act, HHS is ordering state Medicaid agencies to give homosexual partners the same financial protections and privileges as married couples. This "flexibility" applies to everything from estate assets to nursing home care.
  • In partnership with the Department of Education, HHS has decided to host a gay film festival for federal workers during regular office hours. (This is in addition to the Bulgarian gay film festival hosted by the Department of State.)
  • Obama's congressional allies are also getting in on the act, introducing a measure that would make same-sex partner benefits tax free (link requires subscription) in health plans. The plan was cosponsored by "Republican" Sen. Susan Collins (Maine).


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I was unaware that Christians had flags.. Could someone point me to one? I'd love to see it! Or them.

In reference to the It Gets Better videos, there is this quote: "The campaign, which has been labeled an anti-bullying initiative, is actually a cultural assault on free speech."

Could someone please explain to me what is meant here? It seems to me to be an exercise in free speech rather than an assault.

Best line that answers the question it raises -- Why does Dan Savage have a vile hatred of "christians" [lower case intentional]?

"[The White House] in partnership with Dan Savage (a bitter homosexual, who built a career on vile hatred toward Christians), posted an It Gets Better video." --T.P.

If you want to be gay, fine. But not on my dime.Tax dollars should not be spent to promote gayness.

You gay people want to talk about disrimination and bullying. I have red hair, I mean really red. Where are the tax dollars to help me. Where is the anti-bullying site for redheads. Do I get special federal considerations. Noooooooooo!

Thanks for listening.

This from the man who purchased David Duke's mailing list. This is the same guy whose photo was taken giving a speech to another hate group with a white power flag above his head. This from the schrnuck whose organization is labeled a hate group by the SPLC.

Perkins is nothing but a Christianist hater who uses GLBT citizens as a tool to raise money.

Fred, you would have some semblance of a point if redheads were typically targeted for bullying in schools to the point of many redheads wanting to kill themselves. You'd have a point if redheads were only allowed to get married in five states. You'd have a point if numerous hate groups in the United States were formed on their universal hatred of red hair. Your victim complex is disgusting.

Some people have no objection to America having the largest military budget in the world by over sixfold, but if someone allocates a couple thousand dollars to make our communities more inclusive and supportive of a historically marginalized group of people, you can bet some family values idiots are going to scream bloody murder about their "wasted" tax dollars - all of the two-thousandths of a penny they paid.

And Sean, I think the implication is that the bullies are the victims. Which is the most disgusting thing I've ever read.

Jeff, I do understand that "the bullies are the victims," or at least that they're claiming to be. I just have no idea what the argument is. Any ideas?

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