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Newspaper editorial: 'The Guard does not owe Mr. James a free obituary or an apology'

Thursday afternoon, GLAAD announced it was working with The Batesville Daily Guard of Arkansas, after the paper left out the name of a deceased gay man's life partner from his free obituary.

From GLAAD on Thursday:

Here’s the latest on this situation: The paper has agreed to GLAAD to re-run the obituary with the partner included. The cost of the $85 dollar re-print will be paid by GLAAD and those proceeds will be donated to charity. The Newspaper will make a donation in the amount of $85 in memory of Mr. John Christopher Millican to a cause or organization of Mr. James' choosing. Mr James was moved to tears with this development, though he is sadly ill.

Thursday afternoon, HRC announced it had taken a full-page ad in The Guard.

"The great majority of newspapers across this country have policies in place that respect the dignity of all family members to be recognized," HRC wrote in the ad. "We respectfully call on the Batesville Daily Guard to change its policies."

Friday morning, gay activists were stunned to see this full-page editorial also appear in The Guard:


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So he could not get civil married to his life partner in his state.

So he can not be mentioned in the obituary by the policy of this paper unless he pays extra.

Yeah - they owe him an apology and should change their policy.

Except they are small minded bigots.

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