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Wonder Woman Lynda Carter back to making music with new album, 'Crazy Little Things'

Singer-actress to sign CDs Wednesday at Barnes & Noble in West Kendall

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

Singer-actress Lynda Carter remains an icon for a generation of television viewers. Her camp characterization of sexy superhero Wonder Woman in the ’70s TV series appealed to practically everyone: boys and girls, men and women, gay and straight.

“It’s just odd,” reflects Carter, who turns 60 on July 24. “Honestly and truly, I was just thrilled to have a job. You’ve got to remember the times. It was a time in television when there just weren’t jobs for women my age. . . .You played a prostitute. You played a mother. You played a secretary. So when a lead in a series came up, that was ‘Wow!’ I appreciate the success of Wonder Woman so much more than at the time.”

Carter, a singer before and after her three-season stint as the comics’ superhero, is in South Florida for a CD signing Wednesday at Barnes & Noble in West Kendall of her new album, Crazy Little Things.

Her show business comeback follows a self-imposed 16-year sabbatical in which she raised two children and battled alcoholism.

“I’ve been in recovery now for 14 years. That was hard fought. For me, I know what abyss is like. I didn’t even start drinking until I was in my 20s. I stopped with my kids. I didn’t even put on nail polish when I was pregnant,” Carter said. “When I would drink, I wouldn’t have the shut off. I didn’t feel anything until about three drinks in. But I didn’t know it.”

The 5-foot-10-inch Miss World USA 1972 takes her disease in stride: “I got the tall gene, I got the blue-eyed gene and I got the alcoholic gene.”

Alcoholism, her mother’s current bout with Alzheimer’s disease and the deaths of several close friends have impacted Carter as a performer.

“In my music, it does tie in. It isn’t separate and now I’m over it,” says Carter, whose new album features standards including Let’s Stay Together, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry and Desperado. “It’s in my life, and I have the privilege of putting it into music. . . . Desperado certainly. I know the courage to believe and have hope in it. To say ‘My ass is busted and I need help.’ ”

Carter plans to sing two songs at her appearance. She has no qualms about traveling the country to promote the album.

“I’m much more humble. I’ve lived my life. That was an early part of my career when I went from obscurity to being a television star. Having my own specials. Having my own records and doing performances all over the world,” she says. “There’s very little time for reflection. Maybe I hadn’t lived long enough to do music that was a true reflection of me. I tried at the time. I wrote a lot of music, but I really didn’t understand what my identity was. I had to find my musical identity.”


Lynda Carter will sign CDs and sing from her new album 7 p.m. Wednesday at Barnes & Noble, 12405 N. Kendall Dr., West Kendall. 305-598-7727.


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