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Video | Ann Coulter tells Joy Behar: 'I'm sick of hearing about the gays'

On YouTube:

Joy Behar talks with Ann Coulter about fair taxes for the rich, debt ceiling debate, Michele Bachmann's husband, gay marriage in New York, DADT, & Chris Christie.

News release from Log Cabin Republicans:

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans statement on comedienne Ann Coulter.

“Ann Coulter is not a serious part of the conservative movement – her positions are a throwback and do more harm than anything else,” said R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans. “Her remarks endorsing the widely outdated and profoundly harmful idea of ‘reparative therapy,’ alleging that one can ‘pray the gay away,’ are not only demeaning to gays and lesbians, but are offensive to all people of faith. God in his infinite wisdom created us the way we are and pundits and politicians cannot change that. While her position on this matter is off base, it is exacerbated by her claim that the armed forces should bring back ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ a failed policy which impedes military readiness. Servicemembers who put their lives on the line deserve respect, not such clownish behavior.  Ann Coulter may be tired of gay and lesbian Americans speaking out, but Americans, gay and straight, are tired of her overwrought and offensive behavior.  Frankly, Coulter’s act has gotten stale. It’s time to change the channel.”


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Everything Coulter does is to keep the Coulter brand alive. It's how the girl(?) earns her money. The Joy Behar show is cheap and tacky, much like HLN's other nightime offerings. Yuk.

When you are in the military. You take showers together. When a homosexual man, comments and looks at your penis, you know he has only one thing in mind. As a straight man, with a family, you are strongly offended by man coming on to you.
The next day you have to serve with him on patrol. I wasn't sure whether I needed to watch him or look for the enemy.

Actually, gay men serving in the military has been working just fine for decades. I own a gay bar and I know hundreds of gay military guys. In fact, I have met them all over the globe via social media. So your perception Carl is just totally wrong. LMAO!

There is no "gay" gene. Being a homosexual is a mental disorder that should be treated. Instead of treating this disease, our country started by humoring these sick individuals, and then finally endorsing this abnormal lifestyle by allowing two mentally unbalanced people of the same sex to marry each other.

It is a fact that homosexuality is curable, whether by psychological treatment or possibly by strong religious faith. This has been done countless times throughout history. Why would anybody want to be gay? If you are gay, don't you want help with that problem? Seriously, if you're a klepto and can't resist shiny loot, shouldn't you look for treatment, or should society instead say "Hey, you were born a klepto, you go steal all you want."


I too am sick of gays and their whining about everything. You're sick and need help. Go find some.

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