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Al Cardenas' wife, Diana: Gays 'are in our faces with public display of affection, gay parades, gay rallies, non-stop bombardment!!!'

The American Conservative Union -- now led by Miami attorney Al Cardenas -- has barred the conservative gay Republican group, GOProud, from sponsoring and fully participating at its next national convention.

Cardenas This week, Cardenas' wife Diana (Chief Operating Officer (COO) at The Cardenas Household," according to her Facebook profile) engaged in an interesting public exchange on the social network about gays and lesbians after GOP activist Ana Navarro posted comments concerning Texas Gov. Rick Perry's flip-flop last week on gay marriage:

 "I want a candidate w/strong informed opinions & beliefs & courage to stick by them even when not politically convenient. Is that too much to ask these days?" Navarro posted.

Here's Diana Cardenas' initial response to Navarro:

I would be very disappointed if Perry did not favor amending the Const to ban gay marriage. These gay marriage laws are destructive .... Marriage is a vital social institution between two members of the OPPOSITE sex. It goes way beyond just an emotional relationship---it serves a vital role in the stability and continuity of our society, something which homosexual marriages cannot provide. Unfortunately, the biggest victory of the gay movement has been to shift the debate from a 'behavior' to identity, whereby those that oppose homosexuality are considered bigoted or hateful. They have equated it to the Civil Rights Movement, seeking to obtain the rights granted under the constitution to all races or religions. Sexual behavior does not fall into either category!!!!It is not about homosexuals wanting to enter into a 'marriage' so much as it is about them wanting to gain acceptance into mainstream society by redefining the traditional definition of the institution. Because a few liberal judges decide to sign it into law, does not mean the public is in favor of it. Whenever it has been put on the ballot (as in California), it has failed.

A few hours later, Cardenas responded to Rena Doty Fraser, who asked why gay marriage "is such a threat":

Rena, it IS a threat to society. It is not nature's way. They can't procreate, can they?....You hvae them in your family? Well, there is no reason not to like them or love them, the same way you would love one who has a disability, or an illness, etc. I just DO NOT want them pushing their agenda on the majority who are not. This is just about sexual preference--keep it in the bedroom!!!! It is not about being denied any constitutional rights.....Ana, I got your point.....I am just tired of this topic being shoved in our face continually by all these gay activists and I have to ventilate my feelings.... You know I always wondered why homosexuals are referred to as 'gay', kind of an oxymoron? Nothing really 'gay' about them or their movement......I am all for intellectual honesty too!!

Here's the full exchange: 

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She is just a simple ignorant bigot ... nothing more, nothing less.

Being gay is not only about sexual behavior.

She is just trash with money, parroting vile right wing talking points. Not an original thought in her head.

Straight Supremacy is evil and Dirty Nasty Diana - we are GAY ... Good As You.

Hey Diana --

Many of us straight, bisexual and gay are tired of selfish elitist who are trying to destroy the American Dream by making the rich richer and the middle class poor.

That is what the organization your husband leads is doing.

His organization also welcomes The John Birch Society - a racist group.

And the anti-gay movement is not going to be quite because it annoys rich bigots.

God love Mrs. Cardenas. She hits all the nails on the head perfectly. And for you people to call her a bigot and ignorant doesn't answer her great arguments, it just betrays what weak and shiftless grounds your arguments rest on. And those epithets are even more egregious considering the fact that she advocated that people love and tolerate gays and lesbians and not belittle or molest them, while at the same time promoting and defending one-man, one-woman marriage.

Does she actually refer to herself as "Mrs." Cardenas in public? Why can't SHE keep her own sexual preferences in the bedroom?

She should turn to Ken Mehlman for some fashion advice.

@Rushad, according to Cardenas, "Unfortunately, the biggest victory of the gay movement has been to shift the debate from a 'behavior' to identity, whereby those that oppose homosexuality are considered bigoted or hateful. They have equated it to the Civil Rights Movement, seeking to obtain the rights granted under the constitution to all races or religions. Sexual behavior does not fall into either category!!!!"

How can you with a straight face claim, "she advocated that people love and tolerate gays and lesbians and not belittle or molest them"? Denying that gay people deserve civil rights does not seem very loving or tolerant to me. Please explain.

Mr Rushad: I don't want Mrs. Cardenas love, pity or prayers or thoughts. I want my government to recognize that I am a full equal citizen. She and the rest of the conservative movement have been witholding full equality under the law for LGBT people with their money, time, churches and religious conservative PAC MONEY. TAX FREE MONEY that has been used to villify, demonize, and scapegoat us from the day this country was founded. It's time for America to move on, recognize sexual minorities as a suspect class, recognize what every medical professional society in America confirms, that we are just as normal as anyone else on the planet, and grant us full partnership in our civil rights. What you and conservatives don't want to concede and admit is your religious nutbag stranglehold on our laws WHICH NEED TO GO. This country is for all citizens, not just those that believe in the myth of a deity and it's buybull based dogma.

Marriage is NOT about procreation. If it was then two hetrosexuals who were not able to have children, for what ever reason, should not be allowed to marry.

This is not an outrage, nor is it news. If gays were held to accountability over the material on their Facebook, there'd be enough "news" to go around that this one woman's opinion would not be on here.

I didn't get the email about GSFLA being bought out by tmz.

wow...just wow. And the old Leviticus argument...zzzzzzzz..... oh, some man wrote it thousands of years ago, must be true.
The lady is entitled to her ideas, however misguided, racist and uninformed I may feel they are...


She is tired of "having it shoved in her face?" Girlfriend should realize that she is not the queen and this is a free country. It's not all about her wants or needs. As long as my tax dollars are kicking in, then I will be open and free. If she don't like it, that's her problem. But that mentality that gays should guard ourselves to suit her ignorance ain't gonna fly.

The cause to "tolerate" gay people is as weak and hateful as "separate but equal" during the civil rights movement.

Gay people are willing to live as equals and will not be "tolerated". Just by saying you "tolerate" someone you are putting yourself as a superior who is making that choice.

Gay people are not your subordinates to be tolerated.
Tolerating someone is hateful.

Accepting your co-citizens as the equals they are is the only acceptable outcome in this debate.

This woman is an elitist whose is happily married to someone who is working to destroy the middle and working class, straight, bisexual and gay.

She is the enemy of most people.

Well except Christianist Elitists.

When the self-serving and self-righteous claim they tolerate gays but not their behavior they belittle and molest them.

When they claims separate but equal (tolerance but no equal civil rights for loving couples)they are Straight Supremacists clinging to POWER over others.

Fake Christians.

Folks, I'm happy so many of you have submitted comments, but please refrain from personal attacks and name-calling. Thanks!

Well if Gays and their friends had any back bone or GUTS in Miami they should boycott the business ties of her and her husband, since there are so outwardly anti-gay and work as a team/joint corportation. People who don't want to support bigots should not be putting $$$ into these peoples wallets everyday.
List would most likely include
US Centruy Homes and all other Latin Builders Association members

Steve what names has this woman been called that are not true ?

The fact that that stupid Diana listens to Rush Limbaugh tells me all I need to know about this BIGOTED and HOMOPHOBIC low life. She has issues, and I don't really care what they are.

She talks about the Bible, yet conveniently bypasses all the other laws that I am sure she is breaking. Her "viewpoints" are simply BIGOTED. She just another CHINO - Christian In Name Only.

I'm am just so glad that she is part of the minority.

Some of you have ZERO concept about how to have a civil debate and win people over to your side. I am a fiscal conservative that has attended the last 2 CPACs with GOProud. As a Cuban-American, I am doubly disappointed that the exclusion of GOProud came under the tutelage of one of my own. He is my friend on Facebook and I wrote him a personal message expressing my feelings without being insulting. Some of you make me ashamed to be gay I swear. I am an activist against Islamists and write a lot of things on my FB wall. Some Islamists would call me a bigot - I could care less because they also think I should be killed. We sit here and waste time trashing the Cardenas family whole blindly touting the liberal line of defending Muslims under the guise of 'freedom of religion'. Religion?! It's a freaking ideology like Nazism, created by a pedophile!

So, Gabino, you admit that you are a bigot regarding what you call Islamists. You just lump all of them together. Hmm, seems you are doing to them as you claim the LGBT community are doing to conservatives because their bigoted rhetoric. I can appreciate how difficult and confusing it must be for you considering that you are in so many minorities all at once.

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