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Conservative writer: LGBT people have 'psychological disorders that are preventable and treatable'

From conservative writer Sharon Kass to Michael Kenny, executive director of Florida Together, in response to his open letter to Diana Cardenas:

Dear Mr. Kenny:

In your recent letter to Diana Cardenas, you spoke of "ugly prejudices against many groups, for example Catholics and immigrants ..." and of "our founding belief that 'all men are created equal.'"

Please be advised of the following:

As more and more Americans are finding out, homosexual and transgender feelings are part of psychological disorders that are preventable and treatable.  These disorders have no claim on a society's regard as being equal to a condition of health.

A mental illness is in no way a condition of "liberty." ...

You are caught up in a narcissistic set of illusions.  There is life after "gay," and I suggest you pursue it.  Thank you.

--Sharon Kass
Washington, D.C.


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This poor lady is undoubtedly psychologically deranged. I looked at some of her other letters to gay supporters and she uses the same language in each letter. She only hopes to get attention and get more attraction to her web site, which, has not been updated in a while, showing how desperate she is for anyone to respond to her. As difficult as it is, the best way to piss her off is to ignore her and her psychotic ramblings.

Thank god for the freedom of Speech, however, wrong the implication may be, one only has to look at the soure to see the biggotry in this item.

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