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'Deco Drive' anchor Louis Aguirre caught with pants down?

BY JOAN FLEISCHMAN and STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

WSVN-Fox 7’s Louis Aguirre, co-anchor of the popular entertainment show Deco Drive, is posting Facebook photos of his travels in Berlin and Prague. Meanwhile, someone has posted five photos – purporting to be Aguirre – including two shots of a man’s genitals. The sender, identified as "a rodriguez,” claims “Luis (sic) himself” ” sent the photos via Grindr, a smartphone app for gay men seeking quick hookups.

The emailer forwarded the photos to Aguirre’s boss, Alice Jacobs, as well as to gossip blogger Perez Hilton, The National Enquirer and People magazine. “Why he sends his face pic out is beyond me with his television notoriety,“ the email says.

Jacobs did not return calls. Aguirre did not respond to a Facebook message requesting comment.

Aguirre, 44, an Emmy-winning news reporter, is a former soap opera actor who has done stints on Sex and the City and Burn Notice. From WSVN’s website: “In 2005 People en Español magazine named Louis one of 25 most sexy bachelors.” He is also the station’s American Idol insider.


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Louis isn't the only local TV personality whose nude photos are being passed around town. What will it take for these guys to learn that they can't seek sex on GRINDR, Manhunt, Scruff, Daddyhunt, Etc.?

does anyone online know were we can see the pics ??

if so please post the link

also who cares if he was trying to hookup with someone or not as long he was over 18 he is a human and gets HORNY like us all

Who cares? Again, why does this person care if Luis or anyone in tv wants to hookup? Get over yourself. I am in the industry and many colleagues who have passed along questionable photos. We are people, too. Please get a life.

It should be a crime to forward on intimate pictures sent to you by another.

BUT louis aguirre i saw this guy in all white party miami beache winter party every gay party the guys is theare with hes boyfriend i dont see any bid deal is a guy gay in the closet for tv show

Who cares what he does...he wasn't hurting anyone or committing a crime...I can't believe you would post this...seriously get some real news to post.

This article is ridiculous. When will the media have integrity and a sense of real news worthiness. If he was a large political or famous public figure who was anti gay it would hold value. But a guy using grindr is not news breaking or even intriguing - who cares?! Did we just now discover that people have sex? Better yet when a news organization associated with the Miami Herald publishes such story, wouldnt it be ideal to have facts and proof?

I have to agree with everyone else on here. Gay people use technology to meet other gay guys... It's 2011 no big deal. Leave the Guy alone and Report some real "gay news".

I also can agree that this article is ridiculous! Who on earth cares what he does or does not do? Nonsence!

shame the pictures never leaked

I always had mixed feelings about Louis Aguirre. When I first moved to South Florida several years ago, I would often see him in public and noticed he avoided eye contact -- as if the viewing public were stalking him when he's out in public. However, I really wonder about Grindr. Is there any protocol to stop someone from posting unauthorized photos of another person on that site? Regardless, if he,in fact, advertised himself on Grindr what's the harm? Unless he's being a hypocrite, I question why this " a rodriguez" would forward his picture to Hilton Perez,to Aguirre's employer or anywhere else. Just because you can out someone, doesn't mean you should or have the right to!! Get a life!!

Awh gee, why am I not surprised?? You mean a good size group of people are just coming around now to possibly thinking that the 'Local Follie's Deco Drive Boy' is GAY??? Give me a frickin break! The idiot gets so 'flustered' when Brittany Spears or Justin Bieber do not change their underwear on time. This Show totally sucks about the 'wannabe tweens' (Louis Aguirre and Lynn Martinez) who BTW, Lynn is so much in love with herself, it will make you puke. I hope her marriage is still solid, with the way she 'flings herself towards the male personalities that she meets.' This show has such a 4th grade mentality, (maybe 3rd) that some of the brainwashed idiots that follow this show, say to themselves, "Oh No! What will they do!?!!" PLEASE, get rid of DEAD AIR....

I love you. You are hot

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