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GLAAD criticizes Tyler the Creator's VMA win; says album contains '213 occurrences of the word fa**ot'

From Rich Ferraro, communications director for GLAAD:

GLAAD just posted a blog that criticizes Tyler the Creator’s VMA win last night for Best New Artist.

We highlight Tyler’s history of remarks against gay people and women. According to NME magazine,  Tyler’s sophomore album features 213 occurrences of the word fa**ot and it’s variations. The album also contains numerous references to rape and domestic abuse against women.


“Rather than providing simply a larger platform, MTV and other networks should educate viewers about why anti-gay and misogynistic language has no place in the music industry today,” said Herndon Graddick, Senior Director of Programs at GLAAD. “Given Tyler’s history of such remarks, viewers and potential sponsors should refrain from honoring homophobia and in the future look to a more deserving artist.”

MTV didn’t choose the winner of the Best New Artist category (that’s chosen by public vote) on last night’s show, but they did decide to nominate Tyler in the first place and put him onstage.   We hope in the future they will think more carefully about the message they’re sending to their young audience before giving him another platform.


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not sure if he was voted in either. this is the only category that was left open for voting when all the other categories were closed a week prior. just sayin.

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