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Ricky Martin gets personal Sunday night on VH1's Behind the Music

From People page reporter Madeleine Marr:

Ricky Martin gets chatty on his VH1 Behind the Music special, premiering 10 p.m. Sunday. In the upcoming episode, the long-closeted singer talks about growing up in Puerto Rico and how everyone always asked if he had a girlfriend; joining Menudo, which launched his showbiz career; his long-term relationship with TV host Rebecca De Alba (“It felt real.’’); his decision to come out; and finally, his life with Spanish stockbroker Carlos Gonzalez. “My partner, my boyfriend is very sexy, very smart, very compassionate, but the most important thing [is] he loves my children. It’s very beautiful. Super cool. I am very happy.”

Seen on the program:

  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Desmond Child (Producer)
  • Bruno Del Granada (Manager)
  • Ruben Leyva (President, Sony US Latin)
  • Jose Vega (Personal Manager)
  • David Cabrera (Music Director)
  • Robi Draco Rosa (Producer, writer, former Menudo)
  • Richard Jay-Alexander (Producer)
  • Carolina Gonzalez (Music Critic)
  • Wilfredo Rosado (Friend)
  • Jordan Levin (Music and Culture Critic/Miami Herald)
  • Robert Avellanet (former Menudo)
  • Edgardo Diaz (former Menudo Manager)
  • Jarrett Tomas Barrios (former president, GLAAD)
  • Angelica Vale (Co-star on Mexican Musical Theater)


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