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Unity Coalition to Diana Cardenas: Comments are 'hurtful, disrespectful, misleading and simply unacceptable'

From Herb Sosa of Unity Coalition:

Mrs. Diana Cardenas,

On behalf of Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida, a Florida non profit dedicated to the Leadership, Protection & Promotion of Latino|Hispanic LGBTQ rights (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) - the only organization of its kind in South Florida since 2002, we join the many voices outraged by your insensitive and irresponsible statements, and call on you to immediately retract and apologize for your public comments regarding the GLBT community.

The LGBT community if filled with loving, caring, happy & respectable individuals - families, couples, mother, fathers, sons & daughters – much like yourself & your family. Unlike you, Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans are respectful & protective of others rights, and will fight for equality and fairness for all. We are patriotic, honest, hard working, tax paying Americans that deserve and demand the same rights this great country offers us, as it did to & your husband when you came to its shores.

Your comments placed in a public forum like Facebook are hurtful, disrespectful, misleading and simply unacceptable. We ask you to retract your comments and apologize.  Hate and bigotry of this sort is why our LGBT youth suicide rate is 4 times that of heterosexuals, and hate crimes & bullying plague our society. Your words only propagate these horrible statistics.

We may agree to disagree on many issues & policies, but to attack an entire group of Americans based on ill-informed stereotypes and your own misguided references is counter-productive. You should know the pain and suffering this type of action has caused Americans historically, Catholics, Cubans, Jews…the List goes on. One would hope your personal experiences and that of your loved ones and fellow Americans would have hade you a more tolerant and accepting individual, but not to worry, Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida is always willing and available to work with you in better understanding the LGBT community, our similarities, hopes, dreams and expectations. Our doors are open to you, in the spirit of unity, understanding & love.

UC|CU offers many community workshops, including our STATE OF HATE Workshop coming up on September 10th – We believe you would greatly benefit by attending, opening up your mind & heart and be better informed on a topic you seem very confused and greatly misinformed on.

Whether you accept our invitation or not, we hope you do understand the real harm you have caused and prejudice you have displayed and call on you to do the right thing and apologize immediately.

Herb Sosa
Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida


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