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Video | GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he favors gay rights, just not gay marriage

In an interview with The Nashua Telegraph in New Hampshire, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he has always been for gay rights, but not for same-sex marriage

From The Nashua Telegraph:

Asked about the accusations of flip-flops, Romney said he has stayed consistent on the issue of same-sex marriage. “I don’t believe in discriminating in employment or opportunity for gay individuals. So I favor gay rights. I do not favor gay marriage,” he said.


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Strange thing is, gay marriage ties in with gay rights, because DENYING gay couples marriage is denying their basic right as adults to enter into such a union.

You notice how they never say exactly why gay couples shouldn't be able to marry. They just keep repeating that they believe marriage should be between a man and a woman... as if same-sex marriage will stop opposite-sex couples from marrying each other. Of course it sounds even more hypocritical coming out of the mouth of the twice-adulterer, thrice-married, Newt Gingrich.

Here is why "they" say why gay couples shouldn't be able to marry. Militant gays are using this issue because they know it will legitimize everything gay and make it mainstream. They would have power to then teach this lifestyle in the schools to all ages and have already put together programs to do so. We have even seen liberal districts try to do so such as the case in Montana not too long ago. In states that have gay marriage, Bible publishing companies are being sued for discrimination, this is only the beginning of their plans to go after freedom of religion. One European country who has gay rights and marriage took a pastor to court for preaching discrimination and what it teaches in the Bible. It's not just about you live your way and we'll live our way. Their way will intrude into all walks of life and there won't be anything a person can do if they have religious convictions except to give in to the gay lifestyle. In Massachusetts the Catholic adoption agency who had worked along side the government agency for years pulled out of the state when they were told that they now had to place children with gay couples. A church who rented out part of it's property for marriage receptions had to discontinue this unless they did so for gay marriages as well. I could go on but I think you get the picture of just how far reaching gay marriage is and that is why the militants are fighting for gay marriage and why Americans who understand the implications are so against it. To give gays rights but not marriage is the only way to protect families, the only healthy foundation to a civil society and religious freedom which this country was founded on. Gay rights protect them from harm and give them freedoms that don't over step their bounds that would infringe upon the rights of others....as to some of the examples given above.

Well isn t that just what the church are doing to the gays??? Preaching and bashing other people and I am sure you would also scream discrimination if it was you.

Secondly I disagree with that gays want to be main stream. I just think they would like to be in any stream at all.

You really need to step down from the cross because you don t know anything . You really should stop saying what you think is going to happen. Just like to guy who thought the sky was going to fall in the don t ask don t tell repeal. IT IS NOT HURTING ANYONE YOU D___A___!!

"Mitt Romney says he favors gay rights, just not gay marriage."

That's like saying you favor pedophile rights, but you don't favor giving pedophiles the opportunity to molest children. It's double talk. Romney is nothing more than a liberal democrat in a republican suit.

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