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Cancer, HIV survivor says he’s running for his life


If truth is stranger than fiction, marathoner Richard Brodsky has quite a tale to tell. That he has lived to tell it will make the 59-year-old even more extraordinary Sunday when he and his wife, Jodi, line up with nearly 25,000 others for the start of the ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon.

Brodsky, of Atlantic Beach on Long Island, N.Y., and his wife, who grew up in Miami Beach, have competed together in about 30 marathons. The last 25 have been gifts.

In 1997, Brodsky was diagnosed as HIV-positive. He shared the news the same day with Jodi, who had been his wife for 17 years, was the mother of his three daughters — and hadn’t a clue about his then-recent affairs with men.

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If they are practicing safe sex, why is she tested every three months?

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