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Log Cabin Republicans on Romney victory: 'To win the White House, Republicans must rebuild the big tent'

News release from Log Cabin Republicans:

(Washington, DC) - Log Cabin Republicans statement on Governor Mitt Romney's victory in the Florida Republican primary.

"After hearing such a dismal State of the Union, more voters are looking for a candidate who can defeat President Obama. The sooner the Republican Party unifies around a nominee focused on job creation and economic growth, the better prepared we will be to retake the White House," said R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director. "With a strong showing in Florida, including a win at the Florida Log Cabin Republicans straw poll on Saturday, Romney proves he can build a coalition of conservative voters. Our local chapter leaders report that, like Florida voters overall, Log Cabin members in the Sunshine State were drawn to Romney's business sense and clear plan to return America to prosperity through a strong private sector. Still, there remain serious reservations about recent statements by Romney to so-called "pro-family" groups. The real question now is whether Romney can win a majority of Americans, including younger voters, independents and disaffected Democrats. The 2010 midterm election, in which Republicans campaigned on smaller government and cutting spending, is a model for victory in 2012. Republicans of all stripes are strongly committed to replacing President Obama, there is no need or excuse for engaging in antigay pandering or divisive social politics. Log Cabin Republicans are looking for a candidate who can rebuild the big tent, unite our party and claim a mandate to restore liberty and fiscal responsibility to the United States. Whether that candidate is Romney remains to be seen."


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Who are these deluded Logs-between-Their-Ears fooling, other than themselves?

Log Cabin Republicans: talk about self-loathing! How can you support candidates who campaign on denying you your basic rights???!!!

I still do not think The Republican candidates can persuade greater American people to vote against Democrats! I agree with Millie, that is self-loathing.

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