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Wikipedia, other websites shut down for 24 hours to protest anti-piracy bills



WASHINGTON — Opponents of a congressional effort to curb Internet piracy gained their biggest ally yet Tuesday, as the search engine Google said it would join a protest of the legislation planned by dozens of websites, many of which will shut down Wednesday.

While Google's protest isn't as dramatic as that of the other websites, it will post a link on its home page Wednesday stating its opposition to the House of Representatives' Stop Online Piracy Act and a companion Senate bill, the Protect IP Act. Wikipedia, the user-generated encyclopedia, will shut down for 24 hours starting at 12 a.m. Others will go dark for part of the day, including the social media news site Reddit and blog-hosting site WordPress.

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I say well done Wikipedia. Twitter and Facebook should have done more!

Piracy is something that really hard to stop. It's quite annoying because we already have an anti-piracy bill but still we have problems. This is a good read, worth my time spent in reading it! Thanks for sharing!

I'm fond of Wikipedia, but I'm not fond of pirates who copy my novels and sell them or give them away free.

Even people who would not steal some item from a shop seem to think it's OK to steal books on line. How they expect authors to make a living by their hard work, I do not know.

Written material isn't free. Each of my novels takes me several months of hard work. I earn my payments for them.

It's about time something was done about Internet piracy, which is sheer theft.

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