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National Outserve gay soldiers convention set for October at Disney World in Orlando


ORLANDO, Fla. -- A national convention of gay military personnel on active duty will be held at an Army-operated resort on Walt Disney World property next fall.

Convention organizers are announcing Thursday that the Army-operated resort, Shades of Green, will host hundreds of gay and lesbian sailors, soldiers, Marines and airmen for the second annual Outserve International Leadership Conference in October.

Shades of Green is located on Walt Disney World property near Orlando, but it is owned and operated by the Army.

Convention organizer Joshua Seefried says it's a big step for the Army to allow the conference to be held at the resort, given that it will be just more than a year since end of the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell policy.


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Oh very good!... Want pictures!

Shades of Green is a total rip-off. Bring your own amenities. They only have liquid soap/shampoo/anti-bacterial crap in big dispensers. It smells awful. Food is nowhere near what you can get at better prices outside. Oh, you still will have to pay for parking at any of the parks. Other Disney resorts don't have to. This is third rate at best and you would think our county's bravest deserve the best!

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