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Video | Clay Aiken speaks against amendment to ban same-sex couples from marrying in North Carolina

Clay Aiken appears on YouTube speaking against North Carolina's Amendment 1, which one update the state's constitution to ban same-sex couples from marrying:

Clay Aiken is a concerned North Carolinian donating his time and money to defeat Amendment One, which will harm ALL NC families. Will you join us by giving $25, 50, 100, or whatever amount you feel good about today? Your donation will help ensure no North Carolina child ever receives less protections under the law.

The vote will be May 8, 2012.


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He has a right to say what he feels, and his position is not surprising. However, the other side of the coin is that this amendment is part of an overall movement to save what was once the core values of what once was America. The amendment is not an attempt to restrict people's behavior, but to prevent the institution of marriage from being so diluted that it is destroyed. Diluting and destroying America's institutions appears to be chic objective of the followers of President Obama's "transforming America."

How on earth does letting 2 monogamous people in a loving relationship legaling declaring their wish to spend their lives together "dilute & destroy America's institutions"? When 50% of hetero couples' marriages end in divorce, it's ridiculous to hold up the "institution" as somehow perfect until we let the gays in. I for one am sick & tired of the religious right spouting decidedly un-Christian "values" as the core of what was once right with America. Don't forget that those values included racism, sexism & religious persecution.

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