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Democratic Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware supports he supports legalizing gay marriage


DOVER, Del. -- Democratic Gov. Jack Markell says he supports legalizing gay marriage in Delaware.

Markell's spokeswoman Cathy Rossi said Friday that he supports gay marriage, although he believes the state should focus on implementing a same-sex civil union law that took effect in January.

Opponents of the civil union legislation in Delaware argued last year that it was a prelude to establishing same-sex marriage, But there are no current proposals in the legislature to do so.

Maryland's governor signed a bill Thursday legalizing gay marriage in that state.


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it will happen. I'm sure the catholic church will continue its suicide mission for itself.

IN Ireland, the country that provided the priest to evangelize Europe, church attendance has dropped from 90+% to like 25%, and in some locations the churches are virtually empty

And recent polls show that 73% of the almost all catholic population support changing civil unions to civil marriage

Thats what happens when the hierarchy believes in its own propaganda.

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