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Ex-Rutgers student: I wasn't reason Tyler Clementi killed himself from George Washington Bridge


PLAINSBORO, N.J. -- The former Rutgers University student convicted in a webcam spying case says that he was insensitive toward his gay roommate but not biased, and that he doesn't think he was the reason for his roommate's suicide.

Dharun Ravi, 20, was convicted last week of invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, a hate crime, after using a webcam to view a snippet of Tyler Clementi's dorm-room liaison with another man, then tweeting about it. The case gained huge attention when Clementi threw himself off a bridge.

"I didn't act out of hate, and I wasn't uncomfortable with Tyler being gay," Dharun Ravi told The Star-Ledger of Newark in his first media interview since the saga began in September 2010.

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Testimony concluded this morning in Bertolone’s trial for the alleged repeated physical and oral molestation of a young man who slept next door to him in Drake University’s Sigma Chi fraternity house.

Polk County authorities alleged that Bertolone used an unknown drug to secretly fondle and attempt oral sex with his fraternity brother without the man’s knowledge.

Bertolone is charged with five counts of third-degree sexual abuse stemming from specific video-documented incidents between January and July 2010. If convicted, he faces up to 50 years in an Iowa prison.

Bertolone was the last witness in a five-day bench trial rife with blunt details and bald contradictions. The alleged victim, who has acknowledged sharing a bed with Bertolone on trips but denies any romantic relationship, contends he was unaware of any sex until he discovered photos and videos on Bertolone’s laptop at the end of July 2010. Bertolone contends the two mutually pleasured themselves in September 2009 and maintained a secret, emotional-albeit-conflicted connection right up until his arrest in August 2010.
Look at the coverage the Ravi trial got where there is NO assault, no intimidation.

And compare it with the coverage of this very serious crime allegation. There has been basically no media coverage at all even though it allegedly involved numerous illegal photos and videorecordings.

Why don't they make an example out of these one or two homosexual miscreants to society like they are feathering and tarring Ravi?

It takes character to do so. I don't see any display of it from liberals with a homosexual agenda.

All they are good for is attacking a guy like Ravi who set up a webcam for 5 seconds.

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