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Military Times survey: Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal has less impact than expected

logo_airforcetimesAir Force Times reports that the repeal last year of Don't Ask, Don't Tell has had little impact on the military.

Based on a 2012 Military Times poll of 25 active-duty LGBT service members:

Only one had come out of the closet at work since repeal; the rest either said their unit members knew about their orientation before repeal, or they continue to keep their orientation private.

The impact among heterosexual service members is also less significant than expected.

Click here to read the complete article about the repeal of the military gay ban.


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MY SPIN: And i said for all the years we were working for DADT repeal.
'But even Evelyn Donnelly says DOMA will be repealed because of DADT repeal.
(Its the only way to guarantee equality to troops who live in all 50 states!)'

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