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Videos | Alaska group responds to 'unacceptably offensive and distorted cartoon ads of gay and transgender individuals'

News release from Yes On Proposition 5 – One Anchorage in Alaska:

Yes On Proposition 5 – One Anchorage Campaign Responds to Stigmatizing Cartoons of Gay and Transgender Individuals

Anchorage, Alaska – Today, supporters of Proposition 5 released a response ad to the opposition group depicting unacceptably offensive and distorted cartoon ads of gay and transgender individuals.

In the last two weeks, ads paid for and produced by those opposing Proposition 5 -  Jim Minnery, “Protect Your Rights”, and Glenn Clary and Jerry Prevo’s Anchorage Baptist Temple’s “Protect your Freedoms” have made false claims about the legal effects of Proposition 5. Moreover, the TV versions of these ads contain highly offensive cartoon imagery which seeks to dehumanize and demean our transgender friends, family and neighbors.

The Yes On Proposition 5 – One Anchorage campaign has called for the offensive ads opposing Proposition 5 to be removed from all broadcast and internet media immediately.

To support or learn more about the Yes On Proposition 5 – One Anchorage campaign please visit www.oneanchorage.com.

From Yes on Proposition 5's website:

The One Anchorage Initiative simply provides to gay and transgender Alaskans the same legal protections that we already provide to other persons in Anchorage in employment, financial practices, housing, and restaurants, department stores and other businesses.

Here are the ads that have outraged Yes on Proposition 5:


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Those cartoons are flatering considering most transgender men are real and really scary. Non passable transgender males- are NOT woman and to have them invited into woman only areas such as locker rooms, bathrooms, change rooms is disrespectful to real woman. And yes--- they go make real woman uncomfortable.
The cartoon comericals were generous when dipicting the publics perseption of transgender males.
Would I cancel my gym membership?- yes
Would I pull my child out of the child care facility?-yes

@Sandra - your grammar skills are, sadly, a representation of your general ignorance. Go talk with a transgendered individual and you will learn that they are a human being deserving all of the rights and protections that you take for granted.

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