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18 men, presumed to be gay, charged with indecency after Gambia dance for tourists


BANJUL, Gambia -- A court in Gambia has arrested 18 people and accused them of organizing an "indecent" dance ceremony for tourists.

The 18 men each pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to charges of "indecent practice contrary to the law of the country."

The criminal charge is applied toward people who are accused of taking part in homosexual acts in Gambia.

In 2008, President Yahya Jammeh told gays and lesbians to leave the country or have their heads cut off.

Gays and lesbians face threats of violence and discrimination across the continent.

In western Africa, legislators in Liberia and Nigeria are also trying to pass laws that would increase the legal penalties for homosexuality in those countries.


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What a sad ignorant bunch of animals run that country.

Not one cent in aid for these countries. And shut them out of the world economy.

also we need a law re immigrants - they signe a public internet pledge to support gays rights fully, under civil law.

or get kicked out of America. And lets make sure that all the other good countries have the same policies

Stevemd2 I have just returned to the uk from The Gambia. The people there have absolutely nothing. The avg monthly wage is less than $40.

You are suggesting that they should all be thrust into even more severe poverty because of their deluded oppressive and bigoted despot leaders? You stevemd2 are the type of person that gives your nation the outward impression of bigoted xenophobia that is not dissimilar to the backward leaders of the countries that you criticise.

The only way for us to change their fate is to support the education system and donate to independent charities to sponsor children through school so they might have a chance to change their own future and become healthy, open minded and independently supportive citizens of the free world. Look up any charity and donate a mere few dollars a month if you really want change this problem for the better. For the price of a meal at one of your myriad fast food joints you could make a Gambian child's life more purposeful and whilst simultaneously giving some meaning to your own. Solutions not problems Stevemd2! http://goal4gambia.org/ if you are really interested in change

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