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Apple's Tim Cook, Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith named to Out magazine's gay Power 50 list

Out magazine has released its annual Power 50 list and again names several presumed-to-be-gay TV personalities in the top 10: CNN's Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith of Fox News.

No. 1 on the list is Steve Jobs' successor at Apple, Tim Cook -- who also hasn't publicly revealed his sexual orientation.

1. Tim Cook
CEO, Apple, 51

2. Ellen DeGeneres
Spokesperson/Talk-Show Host/Producer, 54

3. Peter Thiel
Venture Capitalist/Hedge Fund Manager, 44

4. Ryan Murphy
Writer/Director/Producer, 46

5. Rachel Maddow
TV Host/Political Commentator, 39

6. Anderson Cooper
Journalist/News Anchor/Talk-Show Host, 44

7. Rich Ross
Former Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, 49

8. Barry Diller
Chairman, IAC, 70

9. Shepard Smith
News Anchor, 48

10. Andy Cohen
TV Personality/Impresario, 44

Click here to read Out's complete list.


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I love the fact that all of those bigoted Fox "News" viewers are watching a gay anchor every night when they watch Shep Smith.

This only shows that ones sexual orientation is not a hindrance to success.

I don't socially have many Gay friends,... But I have no problem with them if they keep the "Queerness" to theirself. I don't try to demonize Gays, or avoid Gays,... I treat them like any other friend, who has their own Personal Love Life....
I do think the most under-rated thing on TV is a Gay Male Anchor. I think they are often more interesting, humorous, and honest on air. So I Love Shep & his show, regardless of mainstream acceptance, my or anybody else's religious denominations ideas, or Shep's Sexual Orientation (or lack there-of for that matter)

......."Still I have no problem with them if they keep the "Queerness" to theirself....." Thank you, MARIE ANTOINETTE...........let them eat cake!

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