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Clothing maker offers All Love is Equal shirts; Marriage Equality USA to receive 5 percent of net profits

Clothing manufacturer Revenge Is ... has a new product: All Love is Equal T-shirts. From the website:

ImageLove is the soul of life which nourishes and inspires each and every one of us. While two lovers who enter into the intimate commitment of marriage are generally honored and celebrated, gays and lesbians are still denied this fundamental right throughout much of America and the world. The right to publicly love the person you want and build a home and family together is one of the most basic civil rights any of us can have. Being gay is innate – not a “choice”,  and not recognizing gay rights is as insidious as racism or sexism. Inter-racial marriage was illegal in the US until 1967 when the US Supreme Court ruled the ban unconstitutional. Most people would now think it absurd to ban inter-racial marriages and we believe that in several decades same sex marriage will be similarly viewed. We believe that all love is equal and no one should be deprived of the right to marry. Our “All Love Is Equal” line of t-shirts and tank tops embodies this message.

Our “All Love Is Equal” t-shirts  are made from eco-fabrics and are manufactured and printed in the USA. Five percent (5%) of net sales of these shirts will be donated to Marriage Equality USA.

Here's the company's news release:


ALL LOVE IS EQUAL T¹s press release


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These t shirts awesome. Definitely i will buy. Unique as well as stylish

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