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Perez Hilton video | Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Jodie Foster should come out of the closet

From BigThink.com:

It would be "infinitely better" for the gay community if celebrities like Cooper, Kevin Spacey, and Jodie Foster came out, says Perez Hilton. "Visibility is key."


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Cooper is a darling and is his own person - but I wouldn`t say he is in the closet. Hilton should get a well rounded life like the people he is moaning about.
Live and let live - and mind your own business.

If people dont like you for the way you are that is there problem. My daughter has been married for 20 years with 2 children and said she way gay I wasnt happy but I love my daughter and she is still the same person. I felt bad for her husband and children he has found some one else and the children are fine her sonis 21 and her daughter is 16. I love my son in law and will always be there for him. Ipeople truly love you they will stand by you. I also like her new friend.

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