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Log Cabin GOP warns Romney that anti-gay statements 'jeopardizes ability to win' moderates, women, young voters

News release from R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans:

(Washington, DC) – In the wake of President Obama’s personal announcement in support of the freedom to marry, Republicans should recognize the changed political climate on the issue in favor of equality.

“Marriage equality has captured the nation’s attention, and the response to President Obama’s announcement is evidence of the tide turning in favor of equality for all. Log Cabin Republicans have long believed that supporting the freedom to marry is the right thing to do and the President’s joining this effort is in the nation’s best interest. That said, Americans can be certain that the President would not have made this decision at this time if it were not in his best political interests. In addition to energizing his base and distracting attention from a failed economic record, the trap is laid for any Republican who responds with intolerance,” said R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director. “Already some in the GOP are taking the bait with former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie bringing up the twice-failed Federal Marriage Amendment and the unfortunate vote on Representative Heulskamp’s (R-KS) amendment re-affirming DOMA last night. Democrats are eager to fundraise off of this issue. It is in the best interests of Republican candidates to be measured and disciplined in response, recognizing that a generational shift has occurred.”

“Governor Mitt Romney’s statement in opposition to not just marriage but civil unions jeopardizes his ability to win moderates, women and younger voters, especially as a large majority of Americans favor some form of relationship recognition for their LGBT friends and neighbors. Ultimately, the response of the Republican candidates this election cycle will determine not just endorsements by Log Cabin Republicans, but the votes of millions of Americans who are simply tired of the culture wars.”


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Romney is kind of in a bind vis a vis his religion.

From ReligousTolerance.org comes the following quote

"Homosexuality Is sin: Next to the crime of murder comes the sin of sexual impurity." Excerpt from a 2002 Mormon pamphlet.

Hard to take a stand in favor of gay marriage without risking excommunication, eh?

It's funny since he ran to the LEFT of Ted Kennedy when he ran against him for Senate in 1994.

I think ole Mitt has already burned his bridges on that one. The far right will not change course. They are trying, (as even Mayor Guiliani did this AM), to depict Obama as a "flip-flopper", (how tired and unimaginative a term) so imagine what Romney would look like? Short of claiming to have a "road to Damascus" moment don't see how he could change opinions now. The reason the opposition doesn't get Obama's claim to have evolved on this issue is that they don't believe in EVOLUTION.

Gay marriage and the president-REally?


If Log Cabin GOP and the GSF don't condemn Romney for gay bashing then its just a front for the Republican Party.

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