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Log Cabin Republicans: "With Grenell’s resignation, Romney campaign has lost a qualified conservative spokesman'

News release from Log Cabin Republicans:

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans statement upon the resignation of Richard Grenell from the Romney presidential campaign.

“Ric made the choice that he feels is best for the Romney campaign, and I respect his decision,” said R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director. “It is unfortunate that while the Romney campaign made it clear that Grenell being an openly gay man was a non-issue for the governor and his team, the hyper-partisan discussion of issues unrelated to Ric's national security qualifications threatened to compromise his effectiveness on the campaign trail. As a Bush Administration colleague of Ric, I can attest to his experience and qualifications in the national security portfolio. Ric was essentially hounded by the far right and far left. The Romney campaign has lost a well-known advocate of conservative ideas and a talented spokesman, and I am certain he will remain an active voice for a confident U.S. foreign policy.”

The Romney camp has responded via campaign manager Matt Rhoades: “We are disappointed that Ric decided to resign from the campaign for his own personal reasons. We wanted him to stay because he had superior qualifications for the position he was hired to fill.”


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They don't call it the Bigot Party for nothing.

This is nonsense. He left because he was disrespected. What the hell are you guys supporting that for? I'm so disapointed.

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