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Obama's vague gay marriage stance under scrutiny after comments by Biden, Duncan


WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's vague stance on gay marriage is facing fresh scrutiny. A prominent Cabinet official has broken ranks with the White House, stating his unequivocal support for same-sex marriage.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan's comments came one day after Vice President Joe Biden suggested he supported gay marriage, too.

Obama aides insisted the statements were not part of a coordinated effort to lay groundwork for a shift in the president's position. Obama has stopped short of backing gay marriage, saying his views are "evolving."

The White House kept to that position Monday. But with Biden and Duncan's comments reinvigorating the debate, the pressure on Obama to clarify his views ahead of the November election seems certain to increase.

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Ya, why has Obama never said that he supports homosexual marriage? What’s with this evolving stuff?

And, the liberals have told us that homosexual marriage is the civil rights issue of our time. Okay, for sake of argument, let’s go there. How can a good liberal president NOT be fully on board with the civil rights issue of our time? Can you imagine someone in the ‘50s or ‘60s saying his position was “evolving” on black civil rights, if we’re going to use that analogy?

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