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One Million Moms launches new JCPenney protest over ad featuring girl and her lesbian mothers

One Million Moms has again launched a protest of JCPenney:

JC Penney has laid low in the month of April by airing two different commercials that portrayed them as remaining neutral in the cultural war. Even though JCP seemed to have changed their approach, their May catalog shows they are making a strong effort otherwise. On pages ten and eleven, under the title "Freedom of Expression," you'll find "Wendi and her partner Maggie and daughters" and again "Wendi, daughters Raven and Clover, and partner Maggie" in text. In the picture both women are wearing wedding bands. ...

Click here to read more.

The group continues:


Since the corporate office doesn't consider your call important, please call, or visit, your local store manager. Local managers are more likely to listen to your concerns and pass them along to the corporate office.

Please be kind when you ask them to tell corporate that they should remain neutral in the cultural war. What was the purpose in stating on page eleven that Wendi and Maggie are partners?

This follows a protest earlier this year when JCPenney named Ellen DeGeneres spokeswoman.


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Get a life!!! There are sooo many other things that need to be worried about in this world than 2 ladies and their daughters in a J C Penny ad.

Are they adopted daughters, or whose daughters are they actually? Maybe one daughter belongs to each woman?

Every time these ugly hate filled people open their mouths I go to JCP and buy something. It doesn't matter what just something to increase JCP sales. Oh and I was never a JCP before this.

No one is being hateful or ugly we are just standing for what we believe is right! Last time I checked this is still a free country for now! And yes there are other things to worry about but this issue is becoming very big and if you don't believe in the gay issues and when someone speaks out then you are UGLY and FILLED with HATE!

I won't buy anything else @ JCP. They have ruined their image.

HMMMM,back I go to JCP--Love shopping there. Good prices, stocked shelves and the associates actually know about their areas.I agree with Jenn..Get a Life!! Other than the one in which one spends 90% of their time "monitoring" JCP. To truly remain neutral in this culture war (as someone has titled it) JCP is right to INCLUDE all and not EXCLUDE some. That is neutrality.Get a grip people. Either shop there or din't.It' a free country--but don't try to tell me what to do based on what you think.

OOPS better correct those errors. Either shop there or don't. It's a free country. Too much in a hurry.

What a hateful, contemptible thing to try to do. I find it interesting the this supposed NFP group is attempting to use the same type and style of intimidation as the Nazi party used in the run up to and during the second world war in their attempts to kill off those groups they found objectionable, while they tried to take over the world. It makes one wonder if there might be a connection there somewhere. I mean who is the spin master they are using? And just exactly what are that spin master's political leanings. I have to wonder what other groups they are attempting to intimidate. While using Nazi style tactics to try to achieve their goals.


JCPenney is a forward thinking , tolerant corporation who voices the thoughts and feelings of the majority of its customers. I'm tired of groups like the so-called million moms trying to make a name for themselves by bashing gays.

Searching the World over you will not find 1M Mom's who share this narrow mindedness. Most are working Moms who are trying their best to get by. They help other Mom's and do not discriminate.

Hmmmm... I wonder how many of those moms have had a secret affair with another female... Im willing to bet that many of those close minded people are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites... Going against a happy family because they are comfortable enough to be who they are and not hide their happiness from the worl. LOVE is what makes the world go around... NOT discrimination, hate, and bigotry!!!! Wake up ladies!!! And welcome to the 21st century!!!

To Kim who says she is merely standing up for what she believes in: If this is such a free country, why are you protesting JC Penneys right to have the ad, and why are you protesting the idea that gays and lesbians make up a significant number of families and have a right to be represented in such ads? This is NOT YOUR COUNTRY, it is OURS (meaning gays AND straights), and as much as I wish you bigots would all stop teaching your kids to continue the hate (because lets face it, you don't see lesbians and gays protesting straight ads or heterosexual couples)we eventually will have to learn to live together. You really do need to find a hobby, because LESBIANS AND GAYS DO NOT IMPACT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY'S LIFE, SO LEAVE US ALONE! If your child is so fragile that seeing this ad might cause their little heads to explode, then you are really not doing a good job preparing them for the realities of life; namely that there are people out there WHO DO NOT SHARE YOUR BELIEFS, EITHER RELIGIOUS OR POLITICAL BUT WHO HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE HERE WITHOUT BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST! You do NOT get to decide what is moral in this country and what is not!

Honestly....this issue goes both ways. Everyone needs to stop focusing on the negative aspect and think of it as something else. These could be a grandma, mom, and daughter. WHat is this world coming to? People saying their gay...straight..etc. I do not support gay rights or whatever its called, im saying we need to focus on more important things.

(I know some people will say, well...why you write it then? People are so narrow minded, you never see light on the other side of the tunell.
Companies will be companies...its called BRAND MESSAGING. This means companies try to appeal to the general public intrest. So in retrospect....does that mean everyone is into gay people and what not?) :(

Not everything that glitters is gold, come on people are we that stupid?

In all honesty I am not trying to put anyone done, peope have freedom to do what they belive, however, isn't there a fine line called the end of the rainbow?? Funny..right?? Dont hate, appreciate, but at the same time think of a limit where everything has a border like countries have.

sorry ment down*

I wrote I am not trying to put anyone done...<-that was supposed to be dwn

All those who disagree with the One Million Moms email campaign should write instead supporting them. I just wrote:
Congratulations on picturing 2 moms/ partners in your May Catalogue. You are reflecting the real world without bigotry and intolerance. Please don't bow to the dark, ignorant forces in our society.

I will make a point of visiting JCP this weekend.


The two daughters are Wendi's. She used to be married to a man and had two kids. Wendi is also an employee of JCPenney as a writer. I know because I used to work with her before Ron Johnson came in and laid off thousands of us. Was it worth it? Will catering to a minority help the company grow? It hasn't so far.

JCPenny have done a good job by participating as philanthropic partner for charity work. But what are they doing by this?

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