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Florida Family Association flies planes 'to warn unsuspecting families about Gay Day at Disney'

From Florida Family Association:

Florida Family Association will fly two planes to warn unsuspecting families about Gay Day at Disney which is scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.  A special thanks to Florida Family Association supporters who generously donated $12,802.37 designated just for this project.

Florida Family Association has received many, many letters and emails from people across the country who patronized Disney World in Orlando to find themselves in the middle of one of the annual Gay Days at Disney.  The most recent letter we received was from Willis in Sarasota who wrote “Just a note to let you know that about 18 years ago my wife and I and our 2 year old granddaughter were at Disney World when it was ‘Gay Day.’  It was the most deplorable sight that we ever saw.  I thank you so much for the vision of the airplane banner warning people.”

We want to warn families before they expose their children to Gay Day’s same-sex revelry, before they pay money to Disney for parking, admission, novelties and food.  We also want to send a message that Gay Day’s public promotion of homosexuality to a captured audience inside the park is wrong.

Click here to read more from the Florida Family Association website.


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Please read what Orlando did in response to the hateful plane banners: The put a plane up in advance with their own sign: "Warning Homophobs lose in Orlando, Hide your kids"

Yup. They also have days 'promoting' having red hair, and 'promoting' people being more than 3" taller than average, and 'promoting' having dimples. You know, all those things people 'choose' to be that put them in the minority. They're indoctrinating blondes and brunets, average height and short people, and those lacking dimples. Never mind that some of the red-headed kids that happen to be there might be encouraged by seeing that lots of other people have red hair, too. Shape up, Disney.

Florida Family association - just another of the so called family groups that are subsidiaries of the American Family Assoc - listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law center

BTW they are filled mostly with so called xtians.

jesus must be weeping at the horror shows in his name.

As he must have done when these people justified slavery as per the bible and objected to inter-racial marriage to "Protect the sanctity of the white race"

$12,802.37 was spent to warn against Gay Days.
Over $5 Million Dollars was spent BY the Gays.

DINK's Win! (Double Income No Kids)

I wonder how many of those who donated the $12,802.37 to fly the airplanes were business owners that the participants of Gay Days patroned.

Twelve thousand dollars that could have gone to charity... that's sad. Oh so sad.

$12K to promote hate - How anti-cristian - Jesus weeps at your sins - Why do you dedicate so much time to encouraging people to hate gods creations? or are you suggesting that god made a mistake?? if so, maybe you should aim your rage upward, and not at innocent humans - I'm amazed at the way some humans blasphemise God and Jesus by invoking their names in the same sentence as they vomit hateful words - SHAME ON YOU FALSE CHRISTIANS - The term Christian Taliban comes to mind -

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