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Lesbian den mother challenges Chuck Norris over comments against gay Boy Scouts and leaders

From Change.org:


  • Jennifer Tyrrell, a Cub Scout leader who was removed from her seven-year-old son's troop because she's gay, says Chuck Norris is ignoring the thousands of current scouts, former scouts and scout leaders who are demanding an end to the Boy Scouts' anti-gay policy
  • Chuck Norris said Monday that President Obama and "liberal politicians" were the reason the Boy Scouts of America was being pressured to end its ban on gay troops and leaders.

NEW YORK, NY – Actor and conservative pundit Chuck Norris argued on Monday that the Boy Scouts should continue to discriminate against gay members, despite thousands of Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts and scout leaders urging the Boy Scouts of America and its National Board of Directors to end the organization’s ban on gay scouts and gay scout leaders.

Norris, who has publicly opposed equal rights for gays and lesbians, argued in an article published Monday that the decision of Ernst & Young CEO James Turley, a board member of the Boy Scouts, to call for an end to the Scouts' ban on gay troops and leaders was the fault of President Obama.

“Is it a coincidence that Turley came out swinging against the Boy Scouts of America’s century-old policy to ban gays from leadership and that he has such close affiliations with the pro-gay Obama administration?” Norris wrote, arguing that politics -- and not the fact that thousands of scouts, scout leaders and former scouts have been putting pressure on the Boy Scouts -- is the reason the Boy Scouts organization is reconsidering its ban on gay troops and gay leaders.

Jennifer Tyrrell, a lesbian mom from Ohio who was removed from her position as den leader of her seven-year-old son’s Cub Scout pack after the Boy Scouts found out she was gay, challenged Norris to recognize the nearly 300,000 people -- including thousands of scouts and scout leaders -- who have signed the petition she started on Change.org urging the Boy Scouts to reconsider their policy.

“Chuck Norris might want to check his facts, because the pressure on the Boy Scouts isn't coming from high-profile politicians. It's coming from thousands upon thousands of Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, scouting parents and families, and communities like mine who want to see the Boy Scouts of America do the right thing and welcome all troops and leaders," said Tyrrell. "This is a movement of people who love the Boy Scouts, and it isn't fueled by politics, regardless of what Chuck Norris thinks. It's fueled by the dedication of thousands of scouts committed to ending discrimination within their own organization."

Last month, Eagle Scout Zach Wahls, whose online video in support of his two lesbian moms went viral last year, delivered more than 275,000 signatures on Tyrrell's petition to the Boy Scouts of America’s National Annual Meeting, calling for an end to their anti-gay policy. Wahls also announced he was forming a new organization inspired by Tyrrell’s story, Scouts for Equality, to rally the scouting community to end the policy barring gay troops and leaders.

“As much as I enjoy Mr. Norris as an actor, I'd have to recommend that he stick to his day job -- and to be clear, I'm excited about the next Expendables movie,” Wahls said in response to Norris’ article. “Mr. Turley's decision is not, as Chuck would have you believe, a radical position. Indeed, more than eighty percent of the Fortune 500 have implemented policies banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. I agree with the leaders of the American economy: we are stronger when we embrace liberty and we are better when we support each other. The Boy Scouts of America should, and I suspect will, follow suit.”


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Does he blame liberals for that awful hair piece he's wearing?

It shouldn't matter how many people agree. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter how many people realise it.

SHAME ON YOU, Chuckie!! I don't call you Mr. Norris because you've lost my respect. Wouldn't it be a hoot, if after you die, you come back reincarnated as ... a gay boy in a "straight" only world of boy scouts! I'd call that FAIR JUSTICE ... perhaps then you'll get a clue about what the word "compassion" means!!!

Either people chose to ignore it, or do not realize it, but remember that Boy Scouts of America is indeed a private organization, which means they have certain polices and rules about who and who can not join. Think of it this way, me being white would probably prevent me from joining the black panthers, and being Catholic would disqualify me from joining the KKK, right? Do I necessarily agree with this particular policy, no not really, but I at least respect the scouts right to express what they believe in too, and I think everyone else should try to do the same. It is always a two way street, remember that. And FYI, Chuck Norris still is, and always will be awesome.

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