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Same-sex marriage foe now endorses gay nuptials


SAN FRANCISCO -- One of the two witnesses who testified in favor of California's same-sex marriage ban during a landmark trial on the measure's constitutionality has come out in favor of gay and lesbian unions.

In an opinion piece published Friday in The New York Times, Institute for American Values President  David Blankenhorn says it's time "to accept gay marriage and emphasize the good that it can do."

Blankenhorn wrote that he still believes children have a moral right to know both biological parents, but he thinks it is just as important for same-sex couples to be treated equally under the law.

His reversal is unlikely to have a legal effect on California's ban, known as Proposition 8. A federal judge who presided over the 2010 trial ended up disqualifying Blankenhorn as an expert witness.


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a great advance to this community! there's no doubt about it.

From the very beginning peoples are raising their voice against same sex marriage, but as time passes in almost every countries government passes legal policies to support same sex marriage.

Legally in the current period law also approves the concept of same sex marriage in the United States of America and slowly these rules are spread around all over the world.


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