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Updated: Christian Family Coalition endorses 13 from Miami-Dade County for Florida Legislature

The Christian Family Coalition of Miami-Dade County has endorsed 13 candidates for the Florida Legislature:

MIAMI-The 2012 Elections will be one of the most important in our community’s history. That’s why the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) has invested its efforts into a comprehensive endorsement process to ensure the best fair-minded, pro-family candidates are selected. We received 34 questionnaires and hosted 51 hours of interviews with the assistance of over 300 volunteer hours to ensure that our process is the best and fairest in the county. Each candidate was judged based on their support of human rights and social justice issues, viability, community support, and overall good for the community at large.  Now the choice is yours, but be assured that voting for any and all of Christian Family Coalition (CFC), endorsed candidates is a vote for fairness.


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I will not vote for anyone endorsed by this backward, intolerant, anti-gay organization.

for christ's sake?

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