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Episcopal bishops OK gay blessing prayer, non-discrimination language for trans church members


Episcopal bishops approved an official prayer service for blessing same-sex couples Monday at a national convention that also cleared the way for transgender ordination.

At the Episcopal General Convention in Indianapolis, the House of Bishops voted 111-41, with three abstentions, to authorize a provisional rite for same-sex unions for the next three years. The liturgy next goes to convention's deputies for their authorization.

In a separate vote Monday, the full convention approved new anti-discrimination language for transgendered clergy candidates and church members. Some dioceses already ordain transgendered people or elect them to positions of parish leadership. However, advocates for the amendment argued they needed an explicit statement of acceptance as the churchwide policy.

The Rev. Carla Robinson, who is transgender and a vicar of All Saints Church in Seattle, said she was lucky to have the backing of parishes and bishops when she was considering ordination, but she said others haven't had the same support.

"I stand here as a priest today because my diocese specifically said that my gender identity and expression didn't disqualify me from the discernment process," Robinson said from the floor of the convention. "I ask that as a church we do the same for my trans sisters and brothers."

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Some people thank God, still believe in treating all parts of Gods wondrous creation with dignity and respect and equality in their churches.

I'm just waiting for hte antis to come vent their venom and lies.

Rencetly the catholic Arch bishop of Scotland said to declare war on gay marriage

knowing darn well that some haters would see it as "declare war on gays"

Encouraging murder as part of the church's protect a life campaign.

this all comes from the German pope who UNexcommunciated bishop Williamson, a holocaust denier

A pope who knows very well that the holocaust was not just Jews but all the gays that a catholic madman named hitler murdered.

Perhaps the pope is planning to rename Williamson to another catholic's name Eichmann

the link I misssed and another one

pope Unexcommunciates bishop williamson


the church talks about everyone deserving dignity and respect

Heres how they interpreted that in the light of gay kids in Holland (and prob elsewhere)


heres how they loved children and families in Holland, Australia etc



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