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Equality Florida, Freedom Democrats target Mayor Shirley Gibson with letter-writing campaigns

Freedom Democrats and Equality Florida continue to go after Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson, running for Miami-Dade Commission District 1.

Gibson says that if elected, she would seek a cost review of Miami-Dade County’s human rights ordinance, which protects gays and lesbians from discrimination in work and housing, and also provides health benefits for same-sex and opposite-sex partners.

sidebarFrom Equality Florida, which has launched a letter-writing campaign against Gibson:

Her commitment to do a "cost review" isn't simply a vague threat. Miami-Dade County has a long history of enduring attacks on LGBT equality led by extremist far-right groups like the Christian Family Coalition. When Gibson committed to place gay and lesbian rights up for review, she signaled to all anti-equality voters that she was standing with them.

Tuesday, Freedom Democrats also announced a letter-writing campaign against Gibson, a Democrat running in a nonpartisan race.

Your President, Christopher Gates, has personally spoken to some key members in the local party asking that a meeting be set up and has tried to contact Mayor Gibson.  At the least, we need them to denounce her actions and ask that she retract her statement!  We personally delivered a copy of the letter to Miami-Dade County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) Chairman Richard Lydecker and DEC Executive Director Cedric McMinn.  Please take a moment to also contact them and tell them as Democrats, we may disagree on some policies, but WHEN IT COMES TO HUMAN RIGHTS, THERE IS NO COMPROMISE.  THERE IS NO PLACE FOR BIGOTRY IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  Your strong response will send a message to candidates and officeholders in the Democratic Party that they cannot use the GLBT community as a scapegoat to win elections.  This is also important as we field more and more gay candidates to run for office.

Please take a moment to contact them by clicking on the email links below (Prewritten message included in links):

DEC Chairman Richard Lydecker: rl@lydeckerlaw.com
DEC Executive Director Cedric McMinn:  cedric@miamidadedemocrats.com


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