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SAVE Dade 'reacts to Gibson's LGBT attack' following her endorsement by conservative groups

Last week, I reported that Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson, running to unseat Miami-Dade Commissioner Barbara Jordan, had accepted a joint endorsement from the Christian Family Coalition and the Catholic Cultural Fund.

After a news conference on Friday, Gibson told me she would seek a cost review of Miami-Dade County’s human rights ordinance, which protects gays and lesbians from discrimination in work and housing, and also provides health benefits for same-sex and opposite-sex partners.

Gibson said she “wouldn’t initiate” a repeal of the ordinance, passed in 1998.

“My personal opinion is, if we’re looking at the fact that Dade County already has it, then I’m not going to go take it away,” Gibson told me.

Tuesday morning, SAVE Dade issued this message in an email to supporters:

SAVE Dade responds to Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson’s proposal to seek a cost review of the Miami Dade County’s human rights and domestic partnership ordinance

(Miami) July 10, 2012— Miami Dade Commission District 1 Candidate Shirley Gibson announced at a press conference that she will seek a cost review of the Miami Dade County’s human rights and domestic partnership ordinance. The Miami Dade County’s human rights ordinance provides protections for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in employment, housing, and public accommodations. The Domestic Partnership Ordinance creates and registry for Miami Dade residents and allows county employees to provide employment benefits to their declared domestic partners. SAVE Dade is a strong advocate of both ordinances and continues to promote, protect, and defend their purposes.
Statement by CJ Ortuno, Executive Director SAVE Dade 
“Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson’s statement that she would seek a cost review of Miami Dade County’s Human Rights and Domestic Partnership Ordinances but would not ‘initiate’ repeal is a clear indication on her part to appease the conservative groups in which she has received an endorsement. Mayor Gibson actions seem desperate in this difficult election against incumbent and SAVE Dade endorsed Commissioner Barbara Jordan, who has stood with the LGBT community since she was elected to office.”

“To seek a cost review of the ordinances is code for how do we remove protections from the LGBT community of Miami Dade County. The ordinances are essential in safeguarding the LGBT community from discrimination in housing, the workplace, and in their relationships. SAVE Dade is committed to protecting the ordinance and will continue to combat anti-LGBT actions by endorsing and electing pro-equality candidates.”
To learn more about SAVE Dade, visit www.savedade.org


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It would be nice to know who Save Dade IS endorsing for all elections.
Can you release an official list for us, Steve?
We need to know who to support and who to vote out. Thank you

Doesn't everyones GAYDAR go beserk when you see Eladio Jose Armesto and Anthony Verdugo? Just sayin'.

Steve, did you know that your friend and subject that you love to rain praise upon Vanessa Brito, a gypsy locust conartist who is otherwise the darling of the gay media and activists circles, is defending this woman and what she said, making excuses and apologies for her, because she gets a paycheck from Norman Braman. Just so you know for the future: Brito has no cause but her own.

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