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Broward Log Cabin member irked by Equality Florida omission of gay House candidate Scott Herman

A. Jay "Andy" Eddy of Log Cabin Republicans in Broward has taken Equality Florida to task for not mentioning Broward's openly gay GOP House candidate Scott Herman in an election night news release.

Eddy's email Wednesday to Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith:


The author of this EqFL release makes no mention of Gay Republican Scott Herman, a candidate for a FL State House Seat (dist 94), as also being on the November ballot and overcoming any Republican challenge attempting to defeat him in an August primary.  Imagine, not a single social conservative decided to ran against Herman even thought he's an openly gay decorated vet and an AIDS activists.  Perhaps they simply believe that Perry, who seemingly has the Rev.Dozier type of ministerial support indirectly coupled into a Fundamentalist platform, has no chance of losing to a gay vet who happens to be Republican.

I am happy to see EqFL has him listed on their site with a rack of positive checks to his name which is a plus for our community especially as a Log Cabin Republican and a member of the gay vets because the key here is Republicans would have to work with him to get the things they want done in the State's Capitol.  He apparently would have some clout in Tallahassee that would only add to the potential importance of of other winning gay candidates.

I hope you cover him in the future because the commentary below seems to be an unfair oversight.



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