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Chick-fil-A sets 1-day sales record amid gay flap


imageATLANTA -- Chick-fil-A set a one-day sales record on Wednesday amid an ongoing controversy over a company executive's public stance against same-sex marriage, company officials said Thursday.

The Atlanta-based company confirmed in a statement that the sales record was broken Wednesday after it was declared "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister and Fox News talk-show host.

Chick-fil-A vice president Steve Robinson said the company won't release sales figures for Wednesday. Customers lined up outside restaurants and the Rev. Billy Graham, the 93-year-old evangelist, dined on a Chick-fil-A lunch on the record-setting day.

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I hate this country. Nothing like handing over more cash to our already wealthy and powerful corporate masters all in order to reinforce our own bigotry. Corporations shouldn't have an opinion either way. They shouldn't be in our politics or our personal beliefs. They should provide the goods and services and shut up. Their employee's can vote and believe whatever they want, but a corporation should not be wasting the money I pay them to then lobby against my own interests.

Except of course for the Dixie Chicks, right Blessed? This is nothing more than America telling the gay agenda to shove it - we are sick of such a small portion of the population driving their aganda down our throats and polluting this socitey with the concept that this behavior is normal. Do what you want in private; that's your right. Beyond that -shut up about it already.

Actually, I don't agree with any media personality using their position to push their views on others. The Dixie Chicks or Ted Nugent.

It doesn't matter if you feel it is normal or not. Their are plenty of people who don't think behaviors your do in your everyday life are normal. Should they be able to use the government to Enforce their moral views on you? I guess it is okay when it is your own bigoted views though.

This is a simple civil rights issue, and a group of people are being denied their basic civil rights, to marry, based on sexuality. No different then when we denied couples of different races to marry.

I am straight but pro Gay. But, I am more for the right of anyone to FREE SPEECH. I applaud the owner of Chick Filet for speaking his mind. By the way - this is not a big public corporation as it is owned 100% by the family who spoke out!

So here's to Gay Rights and a bigger cheer for the FREEDOM of SPEECH. Eat more Chickin !!!

Also, I should be clearer. I actually love America very much. I just hate a large swath of its populace who feels they're morally superior to others that they can use the U.S. government to push their agenda down every one else's throats. In the meantime, they're being robbed blind by the very same party they're supporting. Nothing like more tax cuts for the wealthy at the cost of the middle class and the services they depend on.

Blessed, the statements about gay marriage were not statements or press releases from the company, Chick-fil-A, but rather a statement from an individual spoken outside of the company at a religious event. The company has never stated that they would no hire or serve gay people. Whether you agree or disagree with with what he said, I would hope that we can agree that just because he heads a company doesn't mean that he has no right to his own opinion.

I'm completely confused, the Gay Agenda is trying to force straight people to marry "gay"? And here I thought "straight" people could marry other "straight" people as they pleased and receive tax and legal benefits from their unions. heh, shows what I know. The only thing "those gays" want is equal application of the law. Which, interestingly enough is what judges are finding DOMA violates.

BTW, the issue here isn't the Sir Chick-fil-a spoke his mind, the issue is that his company is actively supporting anti-gay rights groups. And not just a couple hundred or even a thousand, but MILLIONS of dollars. So yes, boycott is in order.

What it comes down to is this: If marriage is to stay a religious ceremony only and preserve the right to deny access to it as a church or denomination pleases, it cannot be a legal union and come with tax and legal benefits. If marriage is going to be a legal union, it must be applied evenly and can't be unevenly applied.

This isn't about unsightly sex, robt, this is about equal rights under the law. Marriage isn't a mere christian thing, it is a human thing, far, far older than this johnny-come-lately offshoot of abraham, and the government should have nothing to do with defining it in order to give those citizens included in their definition special privilege at thexpects ion of other citizens. One thing that does crack me up is the self proclaimed Christians considering feeding-their-faces on chicken some sort of religious, holy, righteous act. Why don't they pour out in such multitudes to help feed the homeless? That's what Christ suggested they do. But no - they're self-centered gluttons, more than happy to have a politician-minister give them a justification to stuff themselves in the name of righteousness. Meanwhile, the corporation wins, the politicians win, and america keeps getting fatter. It really is funny.

So Blessed, it's OK for big government or city mayors to
threaten company owners if they disagree or are bigots themselves? Sounds like you're one those tax the rich folks that don't have a clue. I bet you're one of the 51% that don't pay ANY federal income taxes.

Dave, I am unsure what you are referring to. I have not heard of any government entity threatening the business. If the government is truly threatening to penalize them by taxing them or putting a selective burden on them, I don't agree with that. If you mean they are saying they won't buy there product again that is their personal choice and freedom of speech. Personally, I don't want my tax dollars going to this company in any form when they are against basic civil rights.

If a company wants to get into peoples personal beliefs and lives, they should expect boycotts. I never really ate at their establishment, but I never will in my life now.

This is not an issue of Moral or Immoral. This is a matter of definition. I am not here to judge anyone, God does that. I am Supportive of the Chick-fil-a family exercising their freedom of speech and in that speech they did NOT say, they hate anyone. What they said was that they support the traditional definition of miragge being a man with a woman. Now the GLBT is in rumor trying to come up with a way to counter attack the success that the business has recently had by having a support you Chick-fil-a day. The rumor is that on a specific day a large number of Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexuals, and Trans-gendered individuals will show up at Chick-fil-a's all over and protest by making out. Now here is my problem...shouldn't the response to this be in the form of expressing the issue openly? And practicing the right to free speech? I am pretty sure that there is not a right to free physical pleasure in any public place at any given time. And if the response from the GLBT was a verbal and intelligent response, then people will be more inclined to listen. When the GLBT chooses to respond in such a low class way it doesn't really accomplish the goal they are after. If a married coupple wouldn't go to a fast food restraint to make-out then aren't you making it more confusing to the rest of us when your way of arguing the issue at hand is to behave in ways that all the married couples I know would NEVER behave? Think before you act. Figure out what it would take for a real message to be sent,

i just hope that parents, sitting with their young children in the Chick-fil-A restaurants, on the day that these 'gays' have their revolting and perverted making-out protest, will take them to court for corrupting their children. something has to give, and if the mayors and the supreme court, and other 'powers that be' in this society continue to flaunt this gay issue in the faces of people who do not approve of it and don't want to come in contact with it, legal action has to be taken. this is nothing short of blatant proselytizing. if this was done from a religious group instead of a group proselytizing a 'sexual orientation' agenda, there would be legal recourse to prevent it.

To blessed 1
If you hate this country...............noone is making you stay!

If you think all gay people are against Chick Fil A , think again.

It pained me to no end to think anyone would boycott a company for their beliefs. Do straight folks boycott Hollywood filmmakers?

You don't like their views, it is your right to not buy the product.

As a democrat, I am ashamed of the intolerance shown here. If the anti gay marriage crowd, a majority, decides to boycott us, we are seriously F.....Ed. We need to be vocal but understanding, kind and respectful, and loving and tolerant to show we deserve the very thing we are fighting for.

Marriage is, after all, a compromise. Being gay we have no choice but to accept the same.

The proper way to show support for chick-fil-a is not to stuff ur own fat finget-lickin' face with bird flesh, but give the food to a starving gay. Skip the gluttony and show some gentle kindness and love for ur fellow beings on this planet, get it? Factory chicken too. We're all god's children, wake up!

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