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Florida Together congratulates gay candidates David Richardson, Joe Saunders on victories

Florida Together, a statewide gay rights coalition, has congratulated several winners in Tuesday's election.

From Executive Director Michael Kenny:

For the first time in the history of our state - we have an openly gay State House Representative.  David Richardson will not only be representing the residents of State House District 113 in Miami Dade County - he will be the voice for all of Florida's LGBT residents.

Before you can participate in the conversation, change hearts and minds, and impact policy, you must first have a seat at the table.  Until today, LGBT Floridians were shouting from the spectators section.  Now, with David Richardson's victory, we are on the playing field.

Florida Together is proud to have helped achieve this victory.  We did not simply issue an endorsement - we contributed essential funds, we tapped into our 44,000+ supporters and we helped with GOTV:

• Florida Together PAC contributed to David's campaign

• Florida Together Board members and staff individually donated money to David's campaign

• Florida Together Board member Eric Johnson served at the General Consultant for the Richardson campaign

• Florida Together Board member Jim Stork was very instrumental in organizing and financing a Field/GOTV program that targeted the critically important Hispanic community in District 113.

• Florida Together happily funded a GOTV staff position for the critical last week of the campaign.

Of course this monumental victory is David's.  He was a great candidate with a great campaign, and he will be a great Representative.  But like most great accomplishments, it was not done alone.  Congratulations to SAVE Dade and the Victory Fund for their pivotal role in this success.


Congratulations to Joe Saunders on his victory in the Democratic Primary for State Representative in District 49.  This is an important success and a critical step on the path to Joe's ultimate victory in the November General Election.

Florida has never had an open LGBT Legislator.  History has shown that advances in equality at the state level do not happen without first electing an open LGBT Legislator.

There is no doubt that the people of Florida will be well served by Joe Saunders being in the Legislature.  But given our lack of state-wide LGBT protections, it is essential that Florida's LGBT community win a seat at the table.

Florida Together is thrilled to have played a role in helping Joe achieve his victory today:

  • Florida Together PAC was an early contributor to Joe's campaign.
  • Many Florida Together Board members individually donated to Joe's race.
  • Florida Together was proud to host a fundraiser for Joe.

It is essential that all pro-equality Floridians support Joe in his quest for victory in November.  With your help, we can ensure that our voices are heard on Election Day.

Thank you for all you do to support equality in Florida.


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