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'I'll Find a Way' author Deon Davis to sign her new anti-bullying children's book, 'Beanie and the Bully'

beanie A message from Deon Davis, author of I'll Find a Way, a Mother's Journey of Love and Acceptance For Her Gay Son and a new book, Beanie & The Bully, "encouraging all elementary school children to report bullying and that being the bully is not cool":

Hello Steve, just a little line to let you know that the Beanie and the Bully book signing is dated for 9/29/2012 @ 1:00pm at Books and Books, Coral Gables. Help me spread the word to all parents, teachers and friends of elementary school aged children. If we educate our youth on bullying at an early age, we all win. There will also be a performance by a group of children ages 3-11 on bullying. This event will be full of fun and interactive activities for our youth. By the way keep up the great job with your postings, you are informing and educating so many. Deon


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