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Ann Romney: Gay marriage, birth control are 'hot-button issues that distract from the real voting issue'

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Ann Romney spoke with KWQC-TV6 news in Davenport, Iowa, on Friday.

From KWQC:


When asked if she believes a lesbian mother should be allowed to marry her partner, Mrs. Romney said, "I'm not going to talk about the specific issues.  I'm going to let my husband speak on issues."

When asked if she believes that employer-provided health insurance should be required to cover birth control, Mrs. Romney said "Again, you're asking me questions that are not about what this election is going to be about.  This election is going to be about the economy and jobs."

"I'm here to really just talk about my husband and what kind of husband and father he is and, you know, those [birth control and gay marriage] are hot-button issues that distract from what the real voting issue is going to be at this election."

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If Ann is correct - that those are hot-button issues not to be discussed, then the Republicans should not have put such issues on the RNC platform - wouldn't you think?!

We've told you people all you need to know. We'll tell you what's important in this election. We've decided that your question is not relevant. If you don't ask me the questions that we've decided are important, I just won't answer them. Trust my husband, he will not fail.

Classic religious wife answer. Let the men decide and support them, no matter what! Who's the Boss when it's two men or two women? Their entire fundamentalist religious fantasy is at risk.

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