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CBS video | Tim Tebow gets shirtless for Vogue

tebowFrom CBS:

Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was photographed out of uniform for a new issue of Vogue. Gayle King reports.


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I'm conflicted. I'm confused. I'm trying to figure out a lot of things about Tim Tebow. Can anybody help me? Anyway, my first reaction is whether or not this belongs in this blog, Steve. Do you follow me. Also, why is it under Youth?

Under "youth"?: Tim Tebow has lots of young fans ...

That's a good one...

Whether or not it belongs in this blog David? No, I don't follow you...what are you really asking?

"Steve" Turn to Jesus and be saved today!

Mr. Rothaus,

Why is this information under "Gay South Florida"? Tim Tebow is not gay. Tim Tebow is a devout Christian and, like all Christians, he believes homosexuality is a perversion and a sin, being that the Bible states homosexuality to be repulsive to God. Placing this article here is an effort to insult and mock Christians, and Tebow fans. I happen to be both. Sir, though I do not approve of your lifestyle, I respect you, and I wish you were more professional. Please explain your decision to include such a piece in a blog about homosexuality. I hope you have the courtesy to provide an explanation. Thank You.


Tim Tebow has his share of gay fans and it's likely many of them would be interested in this item.


Mr. Rothaus,

Thank you for replying. So can we expect news on the Marlins or the Dolphins in this blog as well? I'm sure they have gay fans too. In other words, I don't find your answer logical or sincere. Beyonce has a lot of gay fans too, as does Barack Obama and Serena Williams, but I doubt you would post a similar article on them.
The only thing I can conclude is that you think, or perhaps hope, that Tebow is gay, since his celibate lifestyle is "too good to be true." Many "haters" in the sports world mock Tebow and accuse him of being gay, because they can't stand his devoutness.
Perhaps you think that because he's a good looking guy posing shirtless, it belongs in this blog.
I get the feeling you want gay guys to pleasure themselves by looking at this.
Sir, this doesn't belong on this blog, in my humble opinion. I'm nobody to tell you how to do your job, but I'm just giving my two cents. As a Christian, as a Florida Gator, and as one of the many people who are inspired by Tim Tebow's lifestyle, I find it appalling that you would put this trivial story under a "gay blog". If Tebow said something about homosexuals, I would understand. But he didn't. This belongs either in the sports section, or the entertainment section.
I guess this is just another example of how it's okay to mock or disrespect Christ or Christians these days. I'm sure you would never offend another religion or culture, but Christianity is always fair game to the depraved American left.
I hope you seriously consider my opinion. I'm not trying to insult you in anyway, but I did want to state my case.
Best of luck to you.

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